Quitting Smoking Using Hypnosis

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Quitting Smoking Using Hypnosis

Hypnosis is one of the best ways to quit smoking if used properly. A large number of people completely give up smoking after their first hypnosis session and never smoke again!

In this article i will tell you how you can use hypnosis to quit smoking.

How can Hypnosis help you quit smoking?

The main concept behind breaking bad habits using hypnosis is removing any false beliefs associated with the habit.

Usually any bad habit will be associated with many unconscious false beliefs that can make quitting the habit seem impossible. Hypnosis can help you quit bad habits by helping you get rid of such limiting beliefs.

Here are some of the limiting beliefs that could prevent you from quitting smoking:

  • I can't stop smoking because of nicotine addiction yes nicotine has been proven to be addictive but still its not so addictive to the extent that makes you wake up during the night screaming in pain because of withdrawal symptoms. Millions of people managed to stop smoking and hundreds do it everyday. The reason those people succeed in quitting and you don't is that they got over that limiting belief.
  • Cigarettes make me relax: What’s funny about this misconception is that smoking actually increases muscle tension, raises blood pressure and increase stress in general. I know you might be saying: “no, I really feel relaxed when I smoke" and you are probably right. There are two reasons people feel relaxed when they smoke. The first is that the process of exhaling and inhaling that you do while smoking is a well known relaxation technique. Breathing that way without a cigarette is enough to make you relaxed. The second reason is the programming you have done to your subconscious mind over the past period. The more you convince yourself that cigarettes are relaxing the more you will feel relaxed while smoking even though it has nothing to do with the cigarette itself.

Those were just two examples of limiting beliefs that prevent people from quitting smoking and the one that is preventing you from quitting might be a different one. I am sure it’s easy for you to figure out exactly which false belief is associated with your smoking habit and once you recognize it you can continue to the next step.

Why logic can't help you quit smoking

Trying to use logical arguments to quit smoking will never work simply because the subconscious mind will always prevail over the conscious mind (see the subconscious mind rules). The subconscious mind is the store for your beliefs and if it was convinced that smoking is relaxing then even if you kept telling yourself that smoking is really bad you won't be able to quit.

Steps for Quitting smoking using hypnosis

After you have identified the belief that is associated with your smoking habit it's time to self hypnotize yourself and alter this belief by replacing it with another.

Some people even manage to quit smoking at this step without going further as a result of discovering that they used to smoke because of false beliefs.

In my book The ultimate guide to breaking bad habits i explained how bad habits can disappear the moment you realize that your addiction to them was because of limiting beliefs.

If up to this point you didn't manage to become motivated to quit then click on the link below to learn how to self hypnotize yourself so that you change your false beliefs about smoking.

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