learn self hypnosis

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

learn self hypnosis

If you want to try self hypnosis (don't worry its safe) just go ahead and a grab any small object that you can tie to a thread to form a small pendulum.

After doing so hold the thread from above and let the pendulum freely swing sideways. Focus on the pendulum while its swinging and start to visualize the small object going into round circles instead of just going sideways.

Few moments later you will find the object moving in circles even though you didn't do that on intention. What happened here is that the suggestions went to your subconscious mind and moved your muscles in such a way that resulted in this circular motion. Congratulations you have just made your first successful hypnosis experiment !!

The process of self hypnosis is similar to this experiment you just did. The only difference between both is that you will be in the deep trance state (the state where your conscious mind will be half awake) while doing self hypnosis.

here a real self hypnosis method . go on and do the following steps:

self hypnosis steps

1- go to a calm place where you can relax and where no one can disturb you

2- lie on your back, on a bed or comfortable sofa

3- close your eyes and start to breath deeply, the deeper you can breath the higher the success percentage will be

4- Start to focus on each part of your body and visualize it relaxing. For example focus on your right arm and then visualize it relaxing. You can use words like "relax" or phrases like "i am relaxing now" to assist yourself. After relaxing your right arm turn your focus to your left arm and do the same. keep doing so until you pass by all of your body parts. Finally focus on your whole body and visualize it all relaxing.

5- you can repeat this step several times until you feel you are really about to sleep

6- now imagine that a a helium balloon is tied to your right arm and that it is pulling it up. Imagine that the helium balloon is so large so that it can lift your arm up. keep visualizing the balloon pulling your arm up.

7- wow, your arm may have started to go up!! , again you are successful!! You just self hypnotized yourself.

self hypnosis for changing ideas and beliefs

now you can hypnotize yourself then use suggestions to change your beliefs.For example, if your problem was fear of an upcoming presentation you can imagine yourself performing it very well while being super confident.

Visual images are one of the strongest forms of suggestions. If you managed to visualize yourself doing the presentation successfully many times then most probably you are going to perform the same way in the actual presentation.

In case you have the problem of not being able to give suggestions to yourself as a result of being in the state of trance then you can use a recorded tape of suggestions. Now you can repeat the whole process but this time the tape will be guiding you instead of using your mind.

more uses of self hypnosis

You can change almost any behavior that you don't like by imaging yourself performing well without doing the unwanted behavior. You can visualize your future goals or plans in order to raise your motivation levels. You can visualize yourself exercising well,lifting heavier weights and so on.

This method works because one of the main rules of operation of the subconscious mind is that it tries to make any suggestions that it receives come true.

Those suggestions act as commands for the subconscious mind which does its best to apply them.

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