Does self hypnosis actually work

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Does self hypnosis actually work

Many people try to use self hypnosis and get no results while others are happy and satisfied with the results.

The main reason self hypnosis might not be working for you is that you are using it incorrectly. Lots of people think that self hypnosis is the easy and lazy way to end all of their life problems.

For example, many people try to use hypnosis to reach their important goals but never manage to do it.

This is how self hypnosis actually works

Self hypnosis can only work when you use it to motivate yourself to work on reaching your goals and not when you try to use it to achieve your goals directly. Its the same difference between using self hypnosis to motivate yourself to lose weight by visualizing your ideal body shape and using self hypnosis to lose weight directly!!

Self hypnosis is not magic, it can't help you lose weight or make money but it just can motivate you to work on your goals until you reach them.

Self hypnosis does not work for me

If you didn’t succeed to use self hypnosis in your first few attempts then don’t worry at all.

Not of all us have the same rate of response to self hypnosis and that's why it might work fast for some people and slow for others. For example Some people find it very easy to get into the state of deep trance while others find it harder.Simply, all you have to do is to keep trying until you reach manage to do it.

If you still can’t hypnotize yourself, here are a few tips that can help you get self hypnosis to work for you faster:

  • Choose a quite place: make sure you are sitting in a quite place, this will make the process easier
  • Find a comfortable place: if you are not sitting on a comfortable chair or sofa, part of your consciousness will be focused on the uncomfortable state you are experiencing and so you may stay conscious until you change your position
  • Hypnotize yourself Right before going to sleep: try self hypnosis just before going to sleep while you are in bed because at that time you may be already in a light state of trance
  • Use relaxation techniques: use some relaxation techniques before starting the hypnosis process this will make it easier for you to get into the state of trance

Don't try to hypnotize friends before you manage to hypnotize yourself

Many people do the mistake of trying to hypnotize others before they succeed in hypnotizing themselves.

Start by the simpler task, which is self hypnosis, and when you manage to do it correctly you can move on to the next step which is hypnotizing others.

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