How to use visualization to get what you want

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How visualization works?

Have you been lately to a horror movie?
Did you notice how you were terrified while watching it?
Did you listen to the screams of the people around you?
Did you feel your heart beating faster than usual?

Off course you did. But why did that happen? Were you really in danger? Of course no.
So why did this happen? simply because your mind visualized the dangers then thought that they are real.

visualization and the subconscious mind

The fact that many people don't know about visualization is that the subconscious mind does not differentiate between a real situation and a visualized situation.

In the case of the movie your subconscious mind thought that the monsters are going to attack you so it triggered the fight and flight response in order to protect you.

Based on this fact you can use visualization to get what you want out of life!!
here is how to do it:

how to use visualization to get what you want

Since Your subconscious mind thinks that all the images it sees are real whether those images were in a movie or visualized in your mind you can make use of this fact to your side.

By visualizing yourself outperforming your peers or excelling at a certain task each time you do that task your subconscious will think that you actually succeeded in doing it before and it will help you match the visualized performance.

For example visualizing yourself speaking confidently in a presentation more than once will program your subconscious mind to perform well the next time you make a presentation.

If you want to achieve a certain goal just visualize yourself doing it over and over again and you will find that your subconscious mind is assisting you towards getting it.

visualization and day dreaming

Contrary to common beliefs visualization has got nothing to do with day dreaming. While day dreaming is just a waste of time visualization is a very powerful method that can program your subconscious mind.

In order to perform Visualization correctly and to prevent it from becoming day dreaming here is what you need to do:

  • Sit in a quite place: Find a quite place where no one can disturb you during your visualization session
  • Visualize all the details: Visualize yourself achieving your goal or doing your task while creating as much detail as possible
  • Repeat: One , two or even ten visualization sessions might do no good. In order to use visualization to get what you want you need to turn it into a daily habit(see behavior change using visualization for more information on that topic)

who uses visualization to achieve his goals?

Lots of famous athletes visualize themselves winning the race before starting it. lots of football players do the same and obtain very good results compared to the other players who did not visualize(provided that all other factors are constant).

You can also use visualization to help yourself set goals and achieve them.

By visualizing how exactly you do want your life to be after achieving your goals you will find yourself much more motivated towards reaching them. You may visualize the large building of the multinational company you want to own or the big car that you want to drive.

Using visualization to lose weight

Have you ever noticed that you visualize food before feeling like wanting to eat it?
If you managed to monitor the images that pass in your mind you will realize that you first visualize an orange before actually feeling like wanting to eat it.

In my book Losing weight without dieting i descried how incorrect visualization can be one of the strong reasons that prevents you from losing weight. If you managed to control your thoughts you will end up eating less and so you will lose weight.

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