Coping with nicotine withdrawal symptoms

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms

Nicotine withdrawal have got some common symptoms. when you get to know those symptoms you will be more psychologically prepared to cope with them.

Many people who attempt to quit smoking change their mind after experiencing some of these symptoms and that's why i decided to write this article to tell you how to cope with them.

The famous Nicotine withdrawal symptoms are:

  • craving for smoking
  • easily irritated or annoyed
  • headaches
  • insomnia
  • finding it difficult to concentrate
  • increased appetite
  • Anxiety

coping with nicotine withdrawal symptoms

The first thing you must understand why trying to cope with nicotine withdrawal is that you wont experience all of them but you will just experience some of them.

The second important point you must understand is that those symptoms will disappear shortly if you decided not to give up or get back to smoking.

The nicotine withdrawal symptoms myth

Most smokers smoke because of psychological reasons rather than their need for nicotine. For example some people smoke whenever they feel stressed or anxious as smoking with its controlled movements make them feel in control.

When those people decide to smoke they might search for tips that can help them cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms while in fact they need to learn how to cope with their psychological needs.

Coping with nicotine withdrawal symptoms in such a case becomes the excuse the person uses to explain why he can't quit smoking.

steps for Coping with nicotine withdrawal symptoms

Here are few steps that can help you cope with Cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms

  • Understand that these symptoms will disappear in no time
  • Know that coping with the psychological factors is much more important than dealing with those symptoms
  • Don't just avoid smoking or smokers but avoid everything that used to trigger your smoking habit at least in the beginning
  • Know that the craving for smoking you are experiencing won't last forever and that it will end soon

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