Love, Hatred and the Mind

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Love And Your Mind

Do you think that love originates from the heart and that the mind doesn't play a big role in the process of falling in love? The media with its movies and songs has done a great job in programming our minds to believe that love is a supernatural phenomenon that cannot be understood while in fact that’s completely wrong.

There was a girl who was an introvert and very shy. She used to hate the fact that she is shy and she was trying to do her best to get over shyness. This girl once met a guy who was both over confident and an extrovert then she fell in love with him.

Why do you think the girl liked the guy?

Simply her mind started to realize that this person has got some necessary traits that she lacks and so that it would be better for her to be beside him. Now what can the mind do to make sure that she will stay beside that person as much as she can?

Just as you might have guessed her mind will let her fall in love with the person in order to make sure that she will stick to him for the longest period of time.

Of course the process of falling in love is not that simple and it always involves hundreds of variables however by understanding a simple example such as this one it would give you a very clear understanding of how love happens in general.

Loving is nothing but thinking that a person is important to you

So the emotion of love is triggered when your mind realizes that someone is important to you. The person’s assertiveness, financial success or his ability to make you laugh are among the things that might attract you to him.

Your mind is always in constant search of methods that can make you happy and if it realized that someone can help you feel better or can help you satisfy an important need that you have then there is a big chance that you are going to fall in love with him. So it’s your mind that determines whether you will fall in love with a person or not (sorry Hollywood)

Hatred And The Mind

Hatred is also controlled by the mind and it’s a method your mind uses to keep you away from those who can harm your well being. Suppose you were not an assertive person and that there was an arrogant guy who always used to make fun of you in front of others.

In such a case your mind will realize that this person causes you pain and that staying away from him is the right action. But how will your mind motivate you to stay away from that person? Simply by using the emotion of hatred your mind will ensure that you will avoid that person as much as you can.

So again it’s your mind that determines whether you will hate a certain person or not.

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