How to get over someone you love

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to get over someone you love

From my experience in dealing with people who suffer after breakups I can confidently say that people don’t find it hard to get over someone they loved because they loved him so much but because they don’t understand what love is!!

Everything that we see or hear gets stored in our minds and form the foundations of our belief system. Love Poems, romantic movies and emotionally charged songs has became a normal part of our lives and they even changed our views of relationships, breakups and of the ease of getting over someone.

While studies have been proving that anyone could get over a person he loved quickly if he followed the right steps the media was programming the minds of the viewers with new beliefs about breakups until they managed to make the average person believe that its really hard or even impossible to get over someone he loved!!

False beliefs about getting over someone

The truth is that you have been brainwashed into believing the following as a result of the continues exposure to the sources I mentioned above:

  • Love is unpredictable : Love can’t be explained, above science and logic. Getting over someone you love is extremely hard and sometimes not possible
  • You can only love once: Real love only happens once and once you find real love its really hard to get over that person you loved
  • Breakups involves suffering: Just like you have seen on the movies, the person who breakups become sad, depressed, broken and keeps crying until his lover returns at the end of the movie

The truth about love and getting over someone

According to science, love is nothing more than the feelings we experience when certain chemicals are released into our bodies.

These chemicals are released when someone matches some of the criteria we have in our subconscious list, which is formed as a result of our past experiences, the situations we have been through, our relationships with people and with our parents. (see The psychology of love).

Here are some quick facts about real love (not the one you saw on TV):

  • Real love will keep occurring as long as you keep meeting the right people: If you met someone who matched your subconscious criteria then this doesn’t mean that you can't meet a second person who matches them too. One of the keys to getting over someone is knowing that there are lots of potential partners out there instead of just one
  • Love has rules: in my book How to get over anyone in few days I explained how we fall in love with people who complement our weaknesses and who are in the same time similar to us. Even though it might appear that we fall in love without a reason the truth is that our brain must first find a match for its subconscious list before we can feel anything towards anyone
  • Breakups involve suffering for few days: Yes its normal to feel bad after a breakup but that should only last for few days. Once you fix your belief system, learn what is true love and stop the programming that is happening to your mind through the media you will be able to get over anyone you loved in no time

Getting over someone you loved is all about fixing your belief system and knowing what real love is.

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