How to forget someone who broke your heart

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to forget someone who broke your heart

Forgetting someone who broke your heart is not hard if you understood the fact that:

The methods you are going to use to forget that person are going to have some differences compared to the methods that should have been used to forget someone who didn’t break your heart.

The main reason forgetting someone who broke your heart requires additional steps is that there are other factors involved such as your hurt Ego, the impact on your self esteem and the anger you have towards that person.

Sometimes a person may suffer for long periods of time after a certain relationship because of his hurt Ego and not because of the love he had towards the person who broke his heart!! This means that you can get over someone completely yet still suffer because of the bad feelings associated with the way you were dumped or rejected.

The additional steps required to forget someone who broke your heart

The additional steps that are required to forget someone who broke your heart is to heal your hurt ego and fix your self esteem if it was affected.

  • Healing your Ego: Healing your Ego shouldn’t be done by revenge or by hating the person because both solutions will let you become a resentful person. Healing your Ego can be done by showing that person that he has a lost a treasure (which is you). This isn’t a quick solution but it’s the one that will surely work. Direct all the anger you have towards motivating yourself to become better and better, sooner or later your news will reach the person who broke your heart and he will realize his loss.
  • Fixing your self esteem: Sometimes people fail to recover from breakups because of self esteem issues and not because of loving the person who dumped them!!
    In my book How to get over anyone in few days I explained how thinking that you were dumped because of being inadequate can prevent you from getting over the person who dumped you. After all if gaining self esteem was one of your goals when you first started the relationship then only building your self esteem will let you get over this relationship . In short you are not in need of the person, you just need to feel worthy

How to forget any person in few days

I have tackled this subject many times on 2knowmyself so in order not to be repeating myself I will only give very brief summary of the methods you should use to forget someone, in case you want to know more just follow the links at the bottom of this page and you will get over any person easily:

  • Get rid of the old memories: Burn the pictures, eat the chocolates, delete the music and stop going to the places that remind you of him.(see Getting over someone you see everyday
  • He was not the one: because there is no such a thing as the one, there are lots of potential partners and you only met one of them. The media fed you with this false belief until you grew up believing that there is something called the one.
  • Stop thinking about him: I know its hard but instead of thinking 100% of the time, make it only 10% then 5% then 0% then stop doing it!!
  • Don’t listen to sad , romantic or depressing music: Stop listening to music that reminds you of him, that feeds you with false beliefs about relationships and that make it hard for you to get over him

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