I Can Never Forget About Him, He Was the One

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I Can Never Forget About Him

I can never forget about him…
He was the only one I ever loved that much…
I will never love someone else the way i loved him..
I can never imagine myself being with someone else…

Do these phrases sound familiar? Have you been in that situation before?
If your answers were yes, then know that you were fooled and that you have been programmed to believe in the false idea called “The one”.

The Myth of “The One”

The romantic movies that you've seen, your brilliant imagination and your lack of knowledge about the psychology of love have worked together to help you acquire a false belief about love, namely, thinking that there is something called “The One”.

Everything that you see and hear programs your mind and the more you get exposed to a certain idea the more likely that it will become a solid belief. This is exactly what happened To your idea about "The One" and your beliefs about love.

While reading this article you might find a part inside you trying to resist the truth but after looking at the following points you will realize that your belief was only an illusion:

Is the Concept of “The One” true?

  • Anyone could fill that Space: The reason you think that someone was “The one” is the sweet experience that you had with him. Your mind associates this experience with that person and as a result you fail to tell the difference between the two. If this doesn't sound convincing then just wait until you get into another relationship and go through new experiences. In such a case you will forget about your old relationship and the new partner will become the One.
  • How many "ones" did you meet before?: Just take a look at your past and you will discover that each time you fell in love you thought that this person was the one. Each time you get into a relationship you think that you won't be able to forget the person you love and that you won't love any other person the way you loved him. What usually happens is that a few months later someone else appears in your life and becomes “the new one” .
  • The psychology of falling in love: Before you can fall in love with someone your mind must find many matches between his traits and a certain predefined criteria called the subconscious criteria (see why do we fall in love). If anyone matched these criteria you will end up falling in love with him. If someone matched these criteria once and became “The one” then this doesn't mean that no one else can match them..
  • Is this your first love experience? : If this is your first relationship then most probably your false beliefs about love and “The one” are a direct result of your lack of experience. As soon as you get into the next relationship you will forget about the old one completely .

Don’t Allow Someone to Program Your mind

Why do you allow the media and people to program you? Why don’t you filter out these programming attempts you receive on daily bases?

Acquiring false beliefs about love from movies such as Sweet November or songs such as My immortal Will only prevent you from recovering from breakups. It will slow down your recovery after break-ups and may keep you trapped forever.

Isn’t it the time to start discovering the truth instead of falling a prey to limiting beliefs??

In my book How to get over anyone in few days i described how can concepts like "the one" and "the soul mate" keep you stuck forever while trying to get over a breakup. A key factor in getting over breakups is getting rid of these false ideas in order to prove to your subconscious mind that you can find someone else who replaces the one who dumped you.

2knowmyself is, without doubt, the only complete source for the psychology of falling in love on the whole web. If you dare to challenge this statement then check out the psychology of falling in love section and you will discover it yourself.

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