Everything Reminds Me of Him!

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Everything Reminds Me of Him

I can never forget about him. No one was as cheerful or as understanding as he was. The places that I go to, the songs that I listen to and even the looks of my face in the mirror remind me of him. I guess it’s my destiny to live with such pain; I don't think i will ever forget about him.


Everything Reminds Her of Him?

Years ago, before getting a deep understanding of psychology it used to take me a long time to get over a breakup.

Nowadays, it just takes me a few days to forget about anyone simply because I succeeded in recognizing the myths that the media filled our minds with about love.

Rana doesn’t seem to have recognized those false beliefs and that’s why she is depressed. If she were just to understand the truth she would have been much stronger in facing her recent breakup and would have found no problem in forgetting about her boyfriend.

Have you ever listened to a song that suddenly reminded you of a situation that happened to you years ago?

When two events become associated together in your mind in such a way that the occurrence of one of them reminds you of the other then his is called an anchor.

That song that reminded you of the situation and the situation itself were anchored together in your mind and that's why when one of them occurred you remembered the other one automatically.

Anchored to Him!!

Now imagine what would happen if you kept going to the same places with the same person or if you kept doing the same things over and over together? In the end, this person will become anchored to each of these activities and places. Based on that as soon as you go to any of these places you will unavoidably remember him.

How to Forget About Him?

Forgetting about a previous relationship is very easy. If listening to a certain song reminds you of your partner then you can weaken this effect by listening to this song without being with him and without thinking about him.

If you did so the song and your lover will not be associated anymore. In other words, you're are breaking anchor that reminds you of your previous relationship. Eventually, you will find yourself feeling nothing when you listen to it.

So, if you want to forget about a person just live your life normally without trying to remember him and as you keep visiting these places without him the anchors will weaken then completely disappear and the breakup will no longer bother you.

In my book How to get over anyone in few days i kept insisting that people should go to the same places they used to go to together in order to remove the anchors that were already formed when they were together. The most important thing is not to think about that person when you are there not to strengthen the anchors again by mistake.

If you take a long time to recover from breakups, then getting more information about the psychology of love will help recover faster. Helplessness and desperation are learned behaviors that you weren’t born with. The good news is that you can unlearn them with ease and retake control of your life!

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Did that Help?

No, my case is very different: he was the one!!!

No, he dumped me and I'm really feeling bad about it.

Learned helplessness?? I have no idea what that means..

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