How to get over someone in a week

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Getting over someone shouldn’t take you more than two weeks

It usually takes me three days to get over the worst breakup ever and two weeks to fully recover.

Few years ago it used to take me about six to twelve month to recover from a breakup even if the relationship lasted for few weeks only. Nothing has changed in this period of time, I am still the same person, I still get the same feelings i used to get earlier and my attitude towards relationships is almost the same but the only thing that has changed is my knowledge about relationships.

Understanding what makes a relationship healthy and what makes it "yet another relationship" is vital to the recovery process. Just like me, you can recover in few days from any breakup if you understood few facts that are not known to the most.

How to get over someone in a week

If I were to summarize all of the methods for getting over someone in three lines I would say “Forget about what you saw in the movies, have realistic expectations of relationships, understand the difference between needing someone and loving someone and know that there is nothing called the one or the soul mate”

There are lots of factors that interact together in such a way that they make quick recovery not possible. It all starts with an unmet need that the person needs to fulfill.

If a person was feeling lonely or missing warmth in his life, if his friends were ignoring him ,if he wants to prove to himself that he is worthy or if he was in need for approval then he might get into a relationship just to satisfy his need and not because he loves that other person.

All unhealthy relationships start with such unmet needs and then what happens next is that the media brainwashes people to make them think that the solution to all of their life problems lies in finding the so called “soul mate”.

Getting over someone in one week

People never recover quickly because they think that the relationship is the solution to all of their problems. After all if you think that finding the soul mate is the solution to all of your problems and if you need him to satisfy your unmet needs then how come you are going to recover?

By understanding the real reasons that made you fall in love with that person you will discover that you are attached to him because of your unmet needs and not because you love him.

For example, if you found that you really needed that person because you were feeling lonely then the only way to get over that person in a week or few days is to deal with loneliness instead of trying to get him back. You are not in love with him but you just need anyone to satisfy this unmet need in order not to feel lonely.

What might come to your mind now is something like "No, if this was true then i could have fell in love with anyone, why him?". Of course you cant fall in love with anyone just because you are feeling lonely but instead you will fall in love with any nice guy who barely meets the criteria you have in your mind that describes how your future partner should be like. (for more information on this unconscious criteria check the links below)

Getting over someone in a week is possible. You just need to educate yourself properly about relationships and get rid of the false beliefs you have about them. You should only get into a relationship when you are in love and not when you have an unmet need that you want to satisfy. My book how to get over anyone in few days explains in detail how to reverse the effect of the programming you got by the media and how can you get over someone in a week by understanding the real reasons behind loving him.

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