How to get over someone you work with

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to get over someone you work with

Getting over any person is not as hard as it seems. If you understood certain guidelines and followed them properly then you won’t face any difficulties getting over someone you work with.

People usually have a hard time getting over breakups because they either don’t know what to do in order to get over over the breakup or they either know what to do but lack discipline to apply it.

If you work with a person you broke up with or if you see him often anywhere then stick to the following guidelines and you will get over him in no time.

Getting over someone you work with

As soon as you break up with someone withdrawal symptoms will start to surface because of the loss of something that you were used to. Questions like Who is going to take care of me or who is going to nurture me when i feel down might come to your mind.

That's quite normal but if you managed to spend few days without reminding yourself of that person every few minutes and while reminding yourself that the relationship is over then you will get over that person in no time.

People usually do the opposite and that's why they don't recover quickly. as soon as they breakup they do the following actions:

  • They Start programming themselves with negative media and depressing songs. These songs programs your mind and convinces it that there is no way out. It was found that those who listen to such songs take a much longer time to recover from breakups than those who don't listen to them. (For more information see subconscious mind programming and psychology of convincing)
  • They go the same places they used to go to together. Just as I said, you need to convince your mind that the relationship is over in order to recover. Once you start bringing back hope your recovery will be delayed
  • They keep visualizing themselves with their old partner in addition to day dreaming. Visualizing is another dangerous form of subconscious mind programming. Before you eat you visualize food first and as a result you find yourself feeling hungry. You also visualize yourself unable to talk in a presentation and that's why you don't do well and you visualize yourself with your old partner and that's why you stay broken.
  • They keep bargaining, whenever the phone rings they rush to see who is calling wishing that its their old partner. They keep visiting their old partner’s facebook or myspace profile and they even call him trying to bring things back to normal. In my book How to get over anyone in few days i explained how bargaining can be the main reason that prevents people from recovery. Your mind needs acceptance in order to recover and as long as you are bargaining you are telling your mind, “hey wait, there is still some hope lets try again, don’t accept it yet”
  • They keep convincing themselves that he was the one and that they wont find someone like him. Of course if your mind believed in "the one" concept then you will never recover. There are no ones, the media fooled us, there are lots of potential partners out there and you just met one of them. You still can meet lots of other ones and love them too.(see the one for more information)

But I work with him

It wont matter, as long as you keep telling yourself that its over, as long as you don’t think of him while being alone, as long as you stop looking at him every two minutes, as long as you stop going to the same places you used to go to together and as long you stop listening to depressing music then it wont matter whether he is with you at work or even at home.

You can even make working with that person an advantage that helps you to recover faster. The more your subconscious mind sees that person and knows that its over the more will it accept the fact that you broke up, on the other hand, the more you see him and wish that you get back together the more you will be telling your subconscious mind not to accept the breakup.

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