songs to get over someone

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Songs to get over someone

Can songs help you get over someone?
Before i can answer this question let me first tell you why do people have a hard time getting over someone.

In order for a person to get over someone fast he needs to convince his subconscious mind that there is no way to get the person back and as soon as loss of hope happens the person starts accepting what happened and recovery starts. (see Stages of getting over someone)

People usually do the opposite by listening to songs that fortifies the idea of not being able to live without the person who left them. In my article Subconscious mind programming i explained how songs and music can program the mind with new beliefs as a result of listening to them over and over.

Beliefs are built by repetition and so when listening to a song that keeps telling you that you wont be able to get over someone this suggestion will become a belief and you wont be able to recover!!

So what are the songs that can help you get over someone?

The songs that can help you get over someone are the ones that reinforce the idea that there is no way to get the person back and that you can be fine on your own.

When listening to such songs over and over your ability to recover from the breakup and get over the person will be increased by at least 10 folds. In my How to get over anyone in few days i said that the main reason people fail to get over someone is that they keep reinforcing limiting beliefs through the actions they take and the music they listen to.

Chose a song that tells you that you will be able to forget about the person
Chose a song that tells you that you will get over him and even live a better life without him.
Listening to such songs will certainly help you get over the person faster.

Examples of songs that can let you get over someone

First of all you must understand that you should pick a song that matches your taste and not just any song because an important element in subconscious mind programming is trusting the source of the suggestions. If you don't like a band then the song might not be that effective and might not help you get over the person.

Pushing me away for linking park is the best song for getting over someone from my point of view and according to my taste of course because i like rock.

If you like rock too then this is the best song you can listen to if you just broke up and if you want to get over the person you broke up with.

The worst songs for getting over someone are the likes of hoobstank-the reason and evanescence-my immortal. Those songs wont just slow down your recovery but they will also modify your beliefs about breakups completely and prevent you from getting over any person quickly in the future.

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