How to get over someone fast

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to get over someone fast

I get lots of mails from people who ask me about ways to get over someone fast. While breakups are not supposed to make you feel bad for more than two weeks people keep suffering for prolonged periods of time, not because they loved their ex that much but because of the incorrect practices they do right after breakups.

One of the most common reasons people don’t recover fast after breakups is that they try to suppress their anger instead of channeling it correctly. In this article I will tell you how you can get over someone fast by correctly channeling your emotions after a breakup.

Why don’t people recover fast

If someone insulted you badly in front of everyone and then you punched him in his face you are more likely to feel relieved than if you went back home and did nothing. Whenever an emotion is stored, suppressed or not expressed we feel bad.

As soon as we channel this stored emotion we experience a relief provided that we channel it correctly.

After breakups, alongside the pain people experience there will usually be a lot of stored anger inside the person’s heart. Instead of channeling this anger correctly people do the exact opposite and express sadness, depression and helpless by:

  • Listening to sad music: Romantic songs...etc
  • Visualizing: Visualizing everything returning back to its norms and so they feel more helpless. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how helplessness can be the direct result of waiting for something to happen instead of taking the initiative. When you wait for thins to return back to their norms you will feel helpless.
  • Bargaining: Trying to call him, stalk him or even wait for his contact

If you want to recover fast then you should refrain from doing any of these acts because they only slow down recovery. When you express such emotions you will increase the sadness feelings, suppress your anger even more and feel more helpless!!

How to recover fast using anger

I call this "Anger triggered recovery"

Instead of trying to feel down, helpless or sad you will take control of the situation by projecting your stored anger towards that person. Don’t worry, you aren’t even going to contact him but you will use your mind as follows in order to direct your anger towards him:

  • Right choice of music: Right after a breakup you shouldn’t listen to "my immortal", "the reason" or "I am still here" but instead you should go for "pushing me away", "From the inside" and "points of authority". Such songs won’t only allow you to channel your anger correctly but they will make you feel in control instead of feeling helpless (see How music affects the brain mode and mind)
  • Helplessness vs control: When you wait for something to happen , like waiting for your old lover to call you, you feel helpless while when you take the initiative, decide to forget him and even channel your anger you will feel in control
  • Don’t stay angry forever: don’t worry your anger won’t be there forever, as soon as you recover and return back to your normal state you should stop listening to angry music so that you don’t develop resentment. The anger triggered recovery is a very powerful method but you should only use it for few days then return back to your normal life so that you don't suffer from side effects

In short, the main reason people never get over someone fast is that they do the exact opposite of the right actions!! While they should empower themselves and help themselves feel more in control they promote helplessness, sadness and depression!!

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