How to get over someone you see everyday

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why you still can't forget him

I am sure you eagerly searched the internet for tips for getting over someone you see everyday and then you ended with advice that worsened the situation such as "Time heals all wounds" or "keep yourself busy".

I am also sure that you tried these advice and discovered that they are nonsense, but don’t worry, since you arrived at 2knowmyself it’s the end of your pain. (see Does time really heal wounds and Why keeping yourself busy after a breakup can hinder recovery).

It usually takes me about one hour with any client to let him forget his old relationship and I have done that thousands of times, in this article I will give you free tips on how to forget someone you see everyday.

how to get over someone you see everyday

Why would someone live his whole life afraid of something like public speaking or swimming?

The fact that most people are unaware of is that fears grow as long as we avoid them or deny their existence. The same goes for broken hearts, if you tried to keep yourself busy or avoided that person you used to love then your emotions towards him will grow and you will only suffer more.

Just as the main treatment method that is used by psychologists for persistent fears is called gradual exposure you too must expose yourself to the person you used to love by interacting with him normally while putting in mind the following fact: Healing never happens unless acceptance happens.

Why do people heal after their relatives die but find it hard to heal from breakups??

Because they already accepted the fact that the person has passed away and so they don't find any problem in healing. In order to get over a breakup you must remind yourself everyday that the relationship is over by treating that person you see everyday as if he is just a friend.

In my book How to get over anyone in few days I explained how making sure 100% that the relationship is over by either asking your old partner if its really over or by reminding yourself of that can be the first step towards recovery. As soon as you lose hope of getting back to him acceptance will happen and recovery will follow shortly. (see The anatomy of acceptance).

The dying anchors

If you still see that person everyday and if whenever you see him lots of things remind you of your old relationship and result in making you feel bad then here is what you should do:

When two events become associated together in such a way that one of them reminds you of the other then this is called an anchor. Anchors are formed when two events keep happening together many times (For example, listening to the same song whenever you are with a certain person and so you remember that person whenever you hear the song).

Anchors can also be destroyed when one event keeps happening without the other. So if you kept listening to the song and prevented yourself from remembering the person then after sometime you won’t remember the person when you hear the song. (see How to feel better after a breakup).

The same goes for the person you want to forget, whenever you see him or deal with him try to prevent your mind from recalling the good memories you had together and even if it happened by accident try to prevent yourself from giving in to the thoughts and just think of something else right away.

If you followed these advice you will get over that person you loved even if you see him everyday.

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