How to forget someone you like

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Yes its possible and it only takes few days

I really feel sad when I find articles saying that its impossible to forget about someone you loved or that it’s the hardest thing ever. Those people who are writing these stuff are either amateurs who have no knowledge of psychology or are either people who have been through horrible experiences and who are just writing about what they experienced.

Yes its extremely hard to forget about someone you love if you didn’t do the right things. When you understand how love psychology works and when you do the right actions it will take you a maxim of two weeks to fully recover from the worst breakup ever.

The people who say that its impossible to forget about someone are describing what happened to them and to their friends while I am describing how I helped thousands feel better using my knowledge of psychology.

How to forget someone you like

Here is what you should do in order to forget about anyone, sometimes you may have to follow the links for more information:

He is not the one: we fall in love with those who match the criteria present in our subconscious mind. We usually fall in love with those who match some of the criteria and not all of it, its very common to fall in love with someone who matches only 60% of our criteria. (see Why do we fall in love for more information).

This means that a person who matches 70% of our criteria will be good for us but a person who matches 80% of our criteria will be even better. In short, there is no such a thing as the one or soul mate but there are hundreds of potential partners who match our
criteria. (see The truth about the one).

Acceptance = loss of hope: people usually get stuck in stage three of recovery which is called bargaining and they fail to accept what happened because they still have some hope to bring the relationship back (even if it was a 1% hope). (see The stages of recovery from a breakup).

Hope must be killed by burning old memories, forcing yourself not to think about the person, stopping going to the places that you used to go to together and by preventing yourself from listening to songs like “my immortal”. (see The psychological effect of songs and how do they prevent recovery).

In my book How to get over anyone in few days I explained how acceptance can never happen before hope is completely lost, once hope is lost your mind will start looking for someone else but if that didn’t happen your mind will wait for that person forever.

Is forgetting about someone that easy?

I am not saying that you won’t feel bad in the first few days but if you did that correctly your bad feelings will start to ease starting from the third day and you will feel great within a maximum of two weeks.

Personally it takes me three days to recover from the worst breakup ever. No, I wasn’t born like that because few years ago I had a severe breakup that took me 2 years to recover from And guess what the reason for recovery was? I learned about the psychology of love!!

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