How to stop living with fear

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Experiencing true happiness

Can a person feel happy and sad in the same time?
Even though we have a certain capacity to experience different feelings at the same time still there are certain feelings that can hardly exist together.

Happiness is one of those feelings that need to be experienced alone in order for it to be felt correctly. Yes you might feel happy while feeling anxious or while experiencing any other emotion but in order for you to experience true happiness you must get rid of your fears, anxieties and other emotions that might interfere with it.

How to stop living with fear

Some people might mistakenly think that fear is only experienced in fearful situations but the truth is that fear can haunt someone's subconscious mind and make him afraid all the time and everywhere.

Some people never manage to experience happiness because they are living with fear all the time.

The businessman who is always feeling anxious about the future of his business will hardly experience true happiness, the guy who is always worried about being accepted by his friends will hardly experience true happiness and the person who is trying to escape from problems he has in his life will never experience true happiness.

Some people have unconscious fears that are present with them all the time and that prevent them from experiencing true happiness. whenever they start to feel happy they find themselves feeling afraid or even thinking that their happiness is not real.

Kill your fears

Just like I always say this world was designed for doers. This world is best suited for those who fight back, who step out of their comfort zones and who understand their fears and work on eliminating them.

If you decided to ignore your fears or act as if they are not there then know that the only place where you will see happiness will be TV (see Lying to yourself). Some people think that time can let them forget about their fears but avoiding something that makes us afraid only results in the growth of the feelings of fear. (see Does time really heal).

In short, you might be living with fear without even noticing and unless you hunt down these fears you will never experience real happiness.

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