Why do i fear people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do i fear people?

You are walking in between people and feeling afraid
You think that all eyes are on you and that everyone is watching you
When you hear someone shouting behind you ,fear haunts you, because you think that he is going to bully you
You think that they all have evil thoughts
and you think that they all want to bully you

In brief, You fear people

Why you do fear people

When we encounter any situation in our lives our minds load all of the previous past events that are related to that situation. If in our pasts we were bullied, taken advantage of or treated badly by people then most likely that all of these mixed feelings will be loaded in our minds when we see people similar to those who treated us badly.

Your subconscious mind thinks that similar people have the same personalities and the same behavior that's why you may feel guilty when seeing someone who looks like your mom if you were treating her badly.

You could even fall in love with someone just because he looks like someone you loved before, in my book, how to make someone fall in love with you i described how can someone fall in love with a girl just because she had similar face features of a girl that he loved before.

So your subconscious mind will assume that this person who looks like the guy who bullied you is a bully too and it will assume that this person who looks like the guy who treated you badly is going to treat you badly too.

How to stop fearing people?

If you fear people then its because you used to fear people who look like them in your past. While you cant change your past you still can prove to yourself that you can deal perfectly with those clones and so your mind will realize that you could have dealt with the ones in your past if you were given another chance.

You are not your past! if you failed to deal with someone before then this doesn't mean that you wont be able to deal with those who look like him and if a tall guy was a bully then this doesn't mean that all tall guys are bullies.

I know that this is how your mind works but your role is to consciously correct the incorrect ways of operation that your subconscious mind follows. Think of it as a team work that happens between the conscious and the subconscious mind, one is very powerful but it needs guidance and the other is less powerful but it can control the first one. Learn how to master your mind and you wont fear those who are similar to the ones who treated you badly in the past.

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