I cant take it anymore

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I can't take it anymore

I know how bad it feels when things go out of control and when you find that you are unable to take it anymore.

Certainly such an emotion results in a bad feeling that might not be tolerable for many But did you ask yourself that important question, why is your mind constantly sending you these bad signals? Cant it just suppress them or make you numb?

In fact it cant, Because its your mind’s way for asking you to take action.
Emotions are signals sent by the mind to ask you to take actions. If you can't take it anymore then your mind is trying to tell you that you must take actions right now.

If you cant take it anymore then take action

I can mention in less than 1 minute 10 of my friends who hate their jobs to the extent that they become depressed at the end of each weekend because they know that they are returning back to the office next morning.

Each of these people knows that he can't take his job anymore because he hates it but very few of them take actions regarding it. Its this suffering oriented mindset that results in letting you reach a state where you can't take it anymore.

When your mind finds that you are doing something that you absolutely hate it sends you some bad feelings hoping that you would respond by taking an action but what happens is that most people do nothing and as a result their minds finds no other solution but to make the bad feelings more intense until they reach the point where they cant take them anymore.

In my book In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression can only be the result of ignoring your problems and throwing them behind your back instead of trying to look for a fix. If you took actions to solve them your depression will ease the same moment you start.

Being in an abusive relationship for years or being in a job that you hate for a long period of time are examples of actions that describe how our societies taught us how to accept suffering and stop responding to our inner feelings even if we are feeling bad.

How to stop the suffering?

Of course you can't take hasty action like quitting your job or ending your relationship with someone but at least you must think of a long term plan that can help you change that situation you can't take anymore.

Don’t just ignore the messages sent to you by your mind just because everyone is ignoring them. If everyone is suffering because of his own choice to suffer then you should also make a choice whether you want to join them or not.

The key to stop suffering is to take an action, the first day I started working I started to realize that my freedom is much more important to me than the security my job provides me with.

I didn’t quit my job at that time but I promised myself that I will take a powerful action to change that situation. Within two years I developed 2knowmyself and I managed to make generate 14 times the initial salary i used to earn when I started working. Of course the bad feelings i used to experience at that time disappeared completely.

The moral of this story is simple; suffering will stop when you take actions and not when you wait. waiting will only result in letting the bad feelings intensify until you will become unable to take them anymore.

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