Signs of Abusive Relationships

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Abusive relationships

All relationships involve disagreements, fights and intense emotions however some relationships seem to always be problematic and damaging to one of the partners involved.

In an abusive relationship there will always be the abuser who tries to put the other person down by all means and to make him feel worthless. Sadly some people never realize that they are being abused until its too late and that's why i decided to tell you about the sings of abusive relationships so that you can save yourself early enough.

Signs Of Abusive Relationships

A relationship can be considered abusive if some of the following signs were present:

  • Continues criticism: Your partner always puts you down through continues criticism. Most probably people who criticize others all the time do so because they are not mentally stable (see Why do people put others down to find out if your partner needs help)
  • Your partner is over controlling: Another sign of abusive relationships is an over controlling partner. The abuser usually does so in order to prevent his victim from leaving him. After all the abuser fulfills a certain psychological need by abusing others and so he does his best to trap his victim
  • Blaming you for his abusive behavior: Another sign for abusive relationships is being blamed for the abusive behaviour. Some abusers are really intelligent. they will try to make you feel worthless in order to convince you that they are OK and that you are the one to blame. If you believed the abuser then its time to rebuild your self confidence
  • Continues threatening: Your partner threatens to hurt you, kill you or to even commit suicide. The abuser uses
    these methods in order to have more control over you. Again because he is intelligent he uses fear, shame and guilt to manipulate you
  • Jealousy: One of the signs that that is sometimes present in abusive relationship is intense jealousy, the abuser might feel jealous of your friends and your family members. Here is how to help him get over jealousy
  • More controlling behavior: The abusive partner will usually shout, scream and intimidate you in an attempt to control you. All of these are signs of an abusive relationship
  • Disrespect: The abusive partner will consider you an object rather than a human being. In fact some abusers do so in order to feel worthy. By devaluing others they feel worthy themselves, a trick usually used by people who feel inferior to others.

why do some people remain trapped in abusive relationships?

The abuser is usually a controlling person. He does his best to control his prey and to make sure that it will not escape. Abusers usually work on lowering the self esteem of their victims so that they believe that they will never find anyone else to like them.

In other words, people remain in abusive relationships because the abuser make them believe that they will never appeal to anyone else.

That's why building self esteem is one of the most important steps in getting over abusive relationships since it will allow you to break free from this mental trap.

How to get out of an abusive relationship?

If some of these signs are found in your relationship then there is a big chance that its an abusive relationship, the following guide will help deal with this abusive relationship by telling you how to get out of it.

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