I feel inferior to everyone

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I feel inferior to everyone

Why would a person feel inferior to others?
inferiority starts at the childhood when something happens to the child that makes him believe that he is less worthy than others.

Psychologists gave different opinions about the root cause for inferiority however all their opinions can be categorized under three major cases:

1) Organ inferiority: Where the child is born with a certain defect in his body or face or when the child acquires a certain defect as a result of an accident

2) Parenting: If the parents differentiated between children, showed more love for one of them or favored the newly born child then this might affect the child who gets less care and make him believe that he is less worthy (see Birth order and personality). Also excessive pampering and neglect can have the same effect, while the first will prevent the child from developing the skills he needs to face life and so feel inadequate the second will make the child feel worthless directly.

3) Being different: Difference in color, race or religion can make the child feel inferior compared to his peers.

Will any child who is different develop inferiority??

No that will never happen
Being different is one element in the formation of inferiority complex but in order for the child to develop the feelings of inferiority he must be taught to believe that as a result of being different he is considered less worthy.

A black child will never feel inferior unless other white children keep bullying him or making fun of him because he is black. At this point the child's mind will learn that black people might be inferior to white people and so the child will develop inferiority complex.

A handicapped child growing in an encouraging environment might never develop an inferiority complex because he was never taught that there is a big problem in being handicapped.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that inferiority only develops when people start treating the child in such a way that makes him conclude that being different makes him undesirable.

How to stop feeling inferior?

If you feel inferior to everyone then this is how to get rid of the inferiority feelings:

  • Understand your inferiority: You don't need to be a psychiatrist to do that because by going through your past you will easily be able to point out all kinds of abuse you were subjected to as a child. Understanding the reasons behind your inferiority is a big part of the cure because you will come to realize that you are feeling inferior now because of something that happened years ago and not because you are really inferior
  • Fix your beliefs!!: As a result of the experience you were subjected to you must have developed incorrect beliefs about yourself and the world. For example, "if i am not similar to my friends" then i am worthless. By questioning these beliefs and fixing your logic until it matches common sense you will be able to get rid of them
  • Understand the psychology of those who abused you: The children who used to bully you did that because they felt insecure and wanted to be in control, the parent who neglected you might have been suffering from depression and the those who made fun of you were feeling inferior and wanted to regain their self worth by lowering the self worth of someone else. How come you allow mentally unstable people to cause you mental instability?? See why are some people mean to others

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