Inferiority complex and compensation

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Inferiority complex and compensation

Inferiority feelings arise when a person feels that he is less worthy than others or that he doesn’t have enough resources that make him as worthy as his peers.

The inferiority complex we experience as adults is believed to be an extension to the feelings of inferiority we experienced as children when we were truly helpless but in order for these feelings to come to the surface they need some kind of a trigger.

For example a guy who finds himself completely unable to deal with the other sex compared to his friends who have no problems doing so might develop an inferiority complex.

The response to inferiority complex differs from a person to another but generally most people strive for perfection in order to prove that they are worthy.

Another group develop a superiority complex and devalue anyone who challenges their competence in order to preserve their own worth.

Inferiority complex treatment

The biggest mistake most people who suffer from inferiority complex make is compensating in the wrong direction. Its not unusual to find a man who suffered from inferiority because of his lack of social skills and his lack of ability to make friends excelling in his studies and becoming a genius.

Years later after this man achieves very high academic degrees he then wonders why his inferiority complex is still there!! Simply because compensation should have been done in the social relations direction and not in the academic studies direction.

If you need water you can’t go and eat all the food in the world then wonder why you are still thirsty. Had the inferiority complex of the man been developed because of believing that he was not intelligent then acquiring the academic degrees would have been enough to cure his inferiority.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that in order to get rid of the feelings of inferiority you must succeed in the field that caused you the inferiority and not any other field, else the feeling of inferiority will remain there.

Self confidence fields

What lots of people don’t know is that self confidence is divided into fields in such a way that a person can feel confident in a certain field but lack confidence in another one.

For example a man might be sure of his ability to establish a good career but might be unsure of his skills when it comes to sports. (see Building self confidence).

When most people try to get rid of inferiority complex or build self confidence they go in the wrong direction by not targeting the main field that has the problem.

In short, tackle the right field and you will be on the right track for building self confidence and getting rid of inferiority.

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