I am not Good Enough; inadequacy feelings

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Inadequacy feelings

I am not good enough for this job
I know I don’t deserve it
I don’t know why I feel that everyone is better than me
I guess I am inadequate

If those phrases sound familiar then most probably you have already experienced feelings of inadequacy.

People who feel inadequate think that they are less worthy than others. The bad thing about inadequacy is that it completely destroys self confidence.

In this article, I will explain the reasons behind inadequacy and direct you to other links that provide further information on the topics related to it.

Why do Some People Feel Inadequate?

Feeling inadequate could be the result of either considering others to be better than you or underestimating your own skills and abilities.

People usually sell themselves short as a result of lack of self confidence. Because they don’t know whether they are valuable or not they give everyone else the right to judge them and then consider this judgment to be their unchangeable reality.

This may seem like a logical approach but the problem here lies within the definition of the word judgment.

Those people don’t depend on verbal judgment but rather misinterpret the events around them just to prove that they are inadequate. These events could be anything like someone whispering behind them or someone gazing at them in a way that they can’t explain.

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how the misinterpretation of these insignificant situations usually causes more damage to the self confidence and enforces the feelings of inadequacy even more.

Inadequacy and inferiority

I can find almost no difference between the words inadequacy and inferiority. People who are inferior feel inadequate and people who are inadequate feel inferior.

The key to getting rid of inadequacy is building self confidence and getting rid of the inferiority complex if present.

The below links will help you build self confidence, kill your inferioirty and stop feeling inadequate. You just need to read them carefully and be a little patient.

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