I want to be perfect

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I want to be perfect

My clothes must look perfect
I only buy branded clothes
I can never go out with a stained shirt (even for few minutes)

Sounds familiar?
Yes I bet these phrases sound familiar because they describe a certain category of people who are present in every community. Those are the people who want to appear perfect in order to hide something else about themselves that they are ashamed of.

What are you hiding?

Compensation is one of the basic behaviors human beings do. If someone felt inferior or felt that he lacks something then he will try to compensate by excelling in other things.

We all love branded clothes but those who only wear branded clothes want to appear perfect in order to hide their deep sense of inferiority. People who try to do everything perfectly are actually those who are sure that they are faulty and so they think that the only way to hide their defects is to appear in a perfect form.

The same goes for the little child who does his best to appear perfect in front of his parents, because the child feels inferior and because he hates to be criticized he tries to do everything perfectly in order to avoid this mess.

Perfectionism may be an indication of an underlying inferiority complex

People who know how to pick good clothes are normal people but those who insist on appearing in a perfect form might be suffering from an inferiority complex!!

Appearance is very important in influencing people but trying to have a perfect appearance might be a warning sign that shows that you are trying to hide something else.

Dealing with the root cause

Many people do the mistake of dealing with the symptom instead of trying to deal with the root cause. For example many people try to get over perfectionism directly without realizing that unless they get rid of the underlying inferiority their perfectionism won't got away.

Of course inferiority is not the only cause for perfectionism and that's why you need to find out the right cause before you can come up with the action plan that will help you end that cause.

Once you deal with the root problem the symptom will disappear, which is perfectionism in this case.

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