Why do people envy others?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people envy others?

Why do people Envy others? Why would someone hate to see someone else happy or feel bad whenever he sees him doing well?

Do those who envy others do it because they are bad people?? Or is there some other reason behind these feelings of envy?

Feelings of envy don’t stem from hating other people or from being an evil person but they usually stem from the inferiority feelings you experience when you see someone else doing better than you.

Emotional wounds & Envy

Our thoughts come to our minds from two different sources. From within, where we suddenly remember something that is of importance to us or from the external environment where we see something that reminds us of something else.

You might not remember your obesity problem until you see someone with a perfect body or an advertisement for swimsuits. People who have emotional wounds don’t feel bad all of the time but they just remember the wounds whenever they encounter something that reminds them of their wounds.

Envy doesn’t result from seeing someone doing better than us but it results from remembering that we are no good or that we can’t do like what he did.

Inferiority and Envy

When you have an inferiority wound you will tend to remember it whenever you see someone doing things that you think you can’t do. Your wound could be a generalized one like thinking that you are no good in doing anything or a specific one like thinking that you can’t achieve financial success. The more generalized your wound is there more will be the feelings of envy in your life. (see Inferiority feelings)

The type of inferiority I am talking about here is not the famous inferiority complex but it’s rather a belief that you are no good at doing something or at least not as good as your friends.

How to stop envying others?

We all have weak points and we all might envy others at some points of our lives but what differentiates a strong person from a weak person is that the first will use the feelings of envy as a motive to make bigger achievements while the other person will suppress the envy feelings deep inside him along with the big pile of suppressed emotions he has.

Building self confidence won't be helpful unless you build confidence in that specific field you think you are not good at. Dealing with feelings of envy is not hard, you just have to prove to yourself that you can do better than your peers and you will never envy them again.

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