Why do people kill themselves

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people kill themselves

Why would someone commit suicide?
Why do certain people kill themselves?

with so many people killing themselves these days i decided to write this article to explain to you why do people commit suicide.

When seen from the outside suicide can seem like a myth but when you get a deeper understanding of people's psychology you will be able to explain the phenomenon of commuting suicide easily.

People kill themselves to maintain their psychological balance

Before you can understand the act of committing suicide you should first know about psychological drives that children develop. In many of my previous articles i said that the desires we develop at childhood becomes the primary factor that controls our behavior and goals as adults. (see How childhood experiences affect adulthood).

If an adult found no way to fulfill his important psychological drives then he might kill himself or just get suicidal thoughts (if he has other strong beliefs that prevent him from committing suicide).

For example, if a child was neglected he will grow up as to become an approval seeking adult who is very sensitive to rejection. If that adult failed to make friends and became lonely then he might think about killing himself or even commit suicide if his beliefs didn't prevent him from doing so.

So the act of committing suicide is all about an escapement method that helps the person exit life when he fails to satisfy his most important childhood desires.

How to prevent people from killing themselves?

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that depression happens when a person finds all roads towards fulfilling his important desires blocked.

Since suicide is always associated with depression teaching people how to handle depression and get over it is certainly a great way to prevent them from killing themselves.

The other factor that can prevent a person from killing himself is his beliefs about afterlife. If a person you know is about to commit suicide and you knew that he has some beliefs about afterlife then you can remind him of these beliefs or even help him strengthen them because they can certainly hold him back and prevent him from killing himself.

The act of committing suicide in the end is all about protecting the ego after the person considers himself a failure and becomes unable to tolerate shame. Because committing suicide seems like the easiest way to escape the person gets suicidal thoughts whenever his ego is threatened badly.

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