Reasons people cheat in relationships

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Reasons people cheat in relationships

What are the reasons that make people cheat in relationships?
Earlier i used to think that people cheat because they are not loyal or because this is how they were raised but as i read about psychology i discovered that there are many psychological reasons that make people cheat in relationships and that can be avoided if properly understood.

In this article i will tell you the reasons people cheat in relationships.

The truth about cheating in relationships

The following are some of the psychological reasons that could make a person cheat in a relationship:

  • Relationship addiction and cheating: Love addiction is one of the biggest reasons that drive people to cheat in relationships. Many people are relationship addicts, they fall in love because they can't stand being alone and as a result they run towards any opportunity that shows up. Later on those people discover that they have made the wrong choice and so might start cheating in their relationships
  • Unmet psychological needs and cheating in relationships: In order for a person to be loyal to his partner he must make the right choice. A perfect partner would be the one that helps someone fulfill his unmet psychological needs. If the person chose a partner that didn't help him meet his psychological needs then most probably those unmet needs would make him unhappy and might motivate him to cheat. One of the biggest reasons for cheating in relationships is making the incorrect choice (see Can someone love you and cheat on you)
  • Lack of self understanding can lead to cheating in relationships: One of the reasons for cheating in relationships is lack of self understanding. This point is the extension of the previous one. If the person didn't understand his exact psychological needs then he won't be able to choose a partner that can fulfill them and so won't be happy in the relationship. For example a man who has the psychological need of being in control will certainly be unhappy with a controlling wife.
  • Lack of self confidence can lead to cheating: Another major reason for cheating in relationships is lack of self confidence. In the Solid Self confidence program i said the lack of self confidence can lead to cheating in two different ways, the first is wanting approval from more than one person as a result of having self doubts while the second is marrying someone you don't like as result of believing that you can't do better then later on find approval from someone you like
  • Lack of knowledge can lead to cheating: People who don't understand that passion fades by time might chase new partners for the sake of attaining this passion once again. Lack of proper knowledge about love and its stages might turn a persona into a serial cheater who chases some chemicals that fade away few months after the relationship begins

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