How to motivate people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to motivate people

In my previous articles about motivation i said that people can either be motivated to gain rewards or to avoid pain.

I also said that some people respond to threats better than rewards while others respond to rewards better than threats.

Now the question is, how can you quickly guess someone's motivation style so that you can motivate him?

In this article i will tell you how you can motivate people by understanding their motivation style.

What motivates people?

If the only reward you can provide was a small amount of money lets say 10 dollars will you be able to motivate a very rich person? no that would never work because that rich person is not in need of this little sum of money.

What about a person who is starving? won't 10 dollars motivate him to do anything as long as this thing doesn't contradict with his strong beliefs and ethics?

Yes certainly the 10 dollars would motivate that person and so we can conclude that the first rule for motivating someone is looking for his unmet needs.

Some people would do anything for money while others won't care
Some people would do anything for fame while others won't care
Some people would do anything happiness while others won't care

The key to motivating someone

The key to motivating someone is understanding his unmet needs and knowing more about the things he would die for.

If you want to motivate a small group of people its much better to talk to each one alone and use each person's unmet needs to motivate him.

Now back to the positive and negative motivation styles. A man who already has something won't be motivated by it because he already has it but he might be motivated by the threat of losing it.

A healthy person won't care about being healthier but he will certainly respond to health threats if they were strong enough.

This concept works even when it comes to love and attraction, In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i explained how understanding a person's unmet needs can be the key to making him fall in love with you.

After all people become attracted to those who can help them satisfy their unmet needs, if you managed to display qualities that a person lacks provided that those qualities are important to him then he will become motivated to stick to you.

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