I am not motivated to do anything

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I am not motivated to do anything

So you are not motivated to do anything
You know the right things that should be done but instead you procrastinate, act as if you don’t notice them or fear to start working on them.

The state you are currently in is not loss of motivation or lack of energy but it’s a state of loss of hope. When we lose hope in reaching what we want we don’t find enough motive to act.

After all motivation comes from believing that taking certain actions will lead to certain desired outcomes but if the hope in finding the desired outcome was lost then motivation is replaced with feelings of helplessness.

Is this the end?

I want you to do the following exercise if you feel that you don't have the motive to do anything.

I want you now to visualize the following situations while keeping your eyes closed.

Scene one: Imagine that a week has passed and that you didn’t act or take any actions to change the situation. Try to live the experience as if you are there.

Scene Two: Then imagine that one month has passed and that you still lack the motive to act. Try to experience the feelings you will experience as if you are already in the future.

Scene three: Now imagine that a year has passed then do the same. How do you feel after a year of not doing anything? Is this how you want your life to be like one year from now?

Scene four: Imagine that five years have passed and that you are still the same person who lacks motivation, has no hope and who is still ill willed. Five years has passed and you are still the same person. Everyone around you seems to have found their way while you are growing older and feeling depressed.

The final scene : Now image that you are living the final year of your life. 20, 40 or 60 years may have passed and you are still the same person, you have the same problems and still in the same place. Is this how you want your life to be? How do you feel after wasting your whole life without taking actions?

Do you want to end up being a desperate and a depressed old person who cries whenever he remembers his past?

Is this really the end? Is this the ending that you want for your life?

Why doing the previous exercise can strongly motivate you

Negative thinking is known for putting people down and for stealing their energy but when negative thinking bypasses a certain threshold the person hates to see himself in such a situation and so becomes eager to do the opposite.

You might not become motivated to lose your belly fat when it’s the only problem you are facing but when your life becomes a mess you might find yourself eager to fix every aspect of it.

Fortunately you don’t have to wait for real bad events in order to motivate yourself but instead you can use visualization just like you did in the previous exercise.

Since the subconscious mind cannot differentiate between real and imaginary experiences all of the thoughts you will think of will appear to be real experiences to your mind. (see Negative motivation techniques

I strongly recommend that you use music while visualizing your future. The sound track of the movie "Requiem for a dream" is one of the best sound tracks that can be used in such an exercise. The movie was all about people who had dreams that never came true and then their lives ended in despair and pain.

By Listening to such a sound track while doing the exercise you will be telling your subconscious mind "This is what might be our destiny if we didn’t take actions, do you want this to be the end?"

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