Lack of enthusiasm and depression

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Lack of enthusiasm and depression

What is the connection between depression and lack of enthusiasm?
Why do depressed people lack energy even though they are the ones who are the most in need of helping themselves out?

When looking at the common definition for depression that many people use (depression is a disturbance in brain chemicals) we might never be able to find a clue that explains why depressed people lack enthusiasm, not because this definition is wrong but because its too superficial to explain something as complex as depression.

Lack of enthusiasm is very similar to indifference. A person becomes indifferent either when he finds no way to solve his problems or either when he loses hope in the methods available to him.

Since depression causes loss of energy and lack of enthusiasm it makes a lot of sense to assume that depression is a severe case of loss of hope.

The connection between depression, lack of enthusiasm and loss of hope

If someone was trying to lose weight then became indifferent then make sure that he started to believe that diet won't help him lose weight. Depression is similar to indifference because people experience it when they lose hope in getting something that they really wanted.

Here are few examples that can explain the connection between depression and lack of enthusiasm in a better way:

  • Loss of enthusiasm towards work: A young man was eager to become rich and so decided to start his own business. He used to work for 16 hours each day but a year passed and his business didn't make him any money. The guy became depressed and lost enthusiasm towards work. The main reason that man became indifferent is that he started to believe that his work won't help him make money
  • Indifference towards studying: A guy used to study really hard because he wanted to get a good job then an economic crisis happened and finding a job became an impossible task. Suddenly the guy became depressed and lost all of his enthusiasm towards studying
  • Loss of enthusiasm towards exercising: A guy who used to exercise everyday suddenly faced a major problem that lead him to lose his job. As soon as he lost his job he became depressed and lost his enthusiasm towards exercising. The main reason the guy became depressed is that he lost hope in finding another job and that's why he lost his energy

How to become enthusiastic while you are depressed

Its now clear that depression is a sate of loss of hope that a person reaches after discovering that his efforts are yielding no results.

The right way to become enthusiastic once again even while you are depressed lies in two words, finding hope.

Since we humans are different i can't ask you to try to find hope the way i find it. For example if i believe in religion then certainly that could be one good way for me to find hope but if you don't believe in religion then certainly such an advice will never work for you.

Find your own way to hope and as soon as you succeed you will find yourself Enthusiastic and your indifference will disappear.

Not only will this result in making you more energetic but it will also kill your depression completely since depression and hope can't coexist together.

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