Thinking negatively

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Negative thoughts lead to negative feelings

I have always been reading articles about positive and negative thinking but i never thought that negative thinking could result in a bad mood even if i was thinking about something that is not related to me.

In the beginning I thought that only thinking about my problems in a negative way will result in bad feelings but later on i discovered that any negative thought whatsoever causes bad feelings even if i wasn't part of the problem.

Thinking negatively

Negative thinking involves expecting the worse, recalling bad memories and being pessimistic. All of these thinking patterns can be triggered when you think in a negative way about your own problems, about the problems of someone else or even when seeing something negative on the television.

Talking about how bad the service is at a certain restaurant even if you don't eat there or talking about how horrible the accident one of your friends had will result in negative emotions.

As you can see you don’t have to be affected by the event in order to feel bad when talking about it because just talking about something in a negative way results in bad feelings.

Negative thinking and depression

Almost everyone agrees that negative thinking could lead to depression but the important question most people forget to ask themselves is where does negative thoughts come from? Suppose you were obsessed by your body image but you didn't manage to lose weight. Wont you start remembering your extra weight problem each time you eat??

So negative thinking can be triggered by external factors that remind us of our unsolved problems and these unsolved problems usually lead to depression if left without a solution. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression can only be the result of ignoring your problems and throwing them behind your back. If you took actions to solve them your depression will ease the same moment you start.

Why bring more negativity into your life?

If you are not a sadist or if you don’t enjoy to suffer then certainly watching a movie like Saw IV will result in negative emotions that might last for few days. If you can’t control life’s events and if you are constantly blaming life for some of your negative emotions then why are you chasing more of them?????

Why are you talking negatively about things that will never impact you?
Why do you choose negative topics all the time?
Why are you watching movies such as Saw IV and what's the problem with Madagascar 2??

If life is delivering you some negative emotions then don’t help it by asking for more.
Don’t talk about the traffic jams, the bad food people eat these days, global warming and the green house effect unless you have to else you will just bring more negativity to your life.

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