Is he Cheating on Me? Signs of Emotional Cheating

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Is he Cheating on Me?

Is he cheating on me? Answering this question requires a bit more effort than reading the latest top ten cheating signs.

The reason lots of people fail to know whether someone is cheating on them or not is that they take these exact signs without considering the other parameters involved.

For example, one of the famous signs for cheating is reoccurring mood swings in the cheater’s mood and While this can be a sign of cheating still it can result from other problems like excessive stress.

That’s why the 1+1= 2 approach cant be used in knowing whether someone is cheating or not, but instead, the full picture should be taken into consideration in order not to destroy your relationship by mistake.

In this article I have included lots of signs that can tell you whether someone is cheating or not, however, with most of the signs I have included other possible causes other than cheating that might have resulted in these signs.

If you allowed yourself to see the big picture you won’t be fooled by false signs and you will easily know whether someone is cheating on you or not. The use of the Word He in this article doesn’t mean that this article is written for females only but it can be used for both; just replace the word "he" with a "she" if you are a male.

Signs of Emotional Cheating

If lots of these signs were found then there is a big possibility that your partner is cheating on you. Be wise and look for the full picture else you will be risking your relationship.

  • Sudden Interest in improving his Appearance: One of the strongest signs of cheating is a sudden interest in improving ones looks & appearance. If he suddenly started exercising, started trying new hair styles or changed his diet then he may be cheating on you. But take care; this may also happen if he received bad criticism about his looks lately. Also if someone has self image problems then something happened which reminded him of this problem then he may take such actions. (see the article i dont like the way i look for more information about self image problems)
  • Changing Passwords: Although its not recommended some partners share their mail passwords. When someone starts cheating he will usually make sudden changes to these passwords to prevent his partner from finding out that he is cheating. This may also happen if he wants to hide any other information from you so its not a 100% guarantee that he is cheating on you.
  • Lying Often: This is the strongest sign of cheating. I know you may be asking yourself, “how can I know if he is lying?” and here is the answer, the following article contains more than 15 powerful signs that can help you know if someone is lying. The signs are based on techniques from NLP, body language & other sciences. See how to know if someone is lying to you. When it comes to lying there might not be any other explanations other than he is cheating on you especially if he was lying about things related to his continues absence
  • Unhappy marriage: Unhappy marriage is not a sign of cheating but it’s the optimal condition that allows the growth of the cheating seed. As a method of compensation your partner may cheat on you just to compensate for this unhappy relationship
  • Sudden Mood changes: The cheater's mood will swing often. He will always feel irritable and he may start to lose his temper faster. This happens because of his suppressed feelings of guilt. (see suppressed emotions for more information). This could also happen as a result of frustration, stress & work problems. So again, this sign can be a sign of cheating or a sign of another problem that is not related to cheating
  • Sudden Change In Habits: Unusual phone activity, phone calls at the middle of the night, unusual changes in habits and unusual change in schedules are of the common signs of cheating. If nothing else was causing these changes then there is a possibility that your partner is cheating on you
  • He/She appears to be Confused: If someone is cheating on but still has emotions for you then he will always seem confused and worried all the time.
  • Avoidance Avoiding introducing you to her, encouraging you to go out of town, being very happy the day you are traveling and avoiding accompanying you to social events are all signs of cheating. All of these actions are the result of wanting you to be away while he cheats on you and not wanting you to catch him with her.
  • Love signals: I have wrote a guide before than can tell you whether someone is in love with you or not. If you found that he is doing these same signs with someone else then there is a great possibility that he is cheating on you. See how to know of someone loves you
  • Sudden Change in Work schedule: when suddenly the person starts complaining about excessive amounts of work, when he starts to work for longer hours and when he starts to work on holidays then it may be an indication that he is cheating on you. In this case the person is just using his workload as an excuse to leave home or to come home late. If he is a type A personality then you shouldn't worry about it but if the person hates his work and still spends the whole day there then it’s a warning sign. .
  • Car seat!! If you found that the car seat was moved then this means that someone else was riding beside him in the car, however, this still may be one of his friends. Again taking the full picture into consideration can help you avoid incorrect judgment
  • Changing his Spending Habits Saving more and buying you more gifts might be signs of cheating especially if he didn’t use to buy you gifts before. Saving can be an indication that he is buying gifts for someone else. Take care, he may also be saving because he is worried about his financial security.
  • I Love you As a method of deception a person may start to say I love you more often just to show you that is not cheating on you. It’s like when you ask a terrified kid, “are you afraid?” And he replies, “I never become afraid.” Knowing whether this is a sign of cheating or not depends on his previous habits, if he never used to tell you I love then suddenly he started saying it often then there may be a possibility of cheating.

How to tell if he is Cheating on you

From the previous paragraphs we can conclude that sticking to the following guidelines will make cheating detection much more accurate:

1)Look at the full picture and find the real reasons for the change in his habits
2)Look for changes in habits and not for weird habits. what we care about is the change
3)You should at least find five or more signs before you say that he is cheating on you.

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