Is he losing interest in me? Why people lost interest in relationships

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Losing interest in a relationship

Have you ever wondered why some guys lose interest in a relationship few days after they make sure that someone loves them?

What's really weird about this phenomenon is that before the guy loses interest he seems to be deeply in love with that person as if he will never lose interest in her. Lack of understanding makes the problem seem weird but as soon as you know a little more about the psychology of love things will become clear.

In this article i will you why some people lose interest in relationships quickly.

Is he losing interest?

Suppose that someone told you that you will never get good grades in mathematics or that you will never succeed in a certain exam Wont you feel like wanting to prove to everyone that you can? Maybe yes and maybe no, but what happens with most people is that they fight to prove to others that they can.

So what if someone told you that you can never succeed in making someone love you?
or what if someone told you that you can never succeed in attracting someone?

Wont you be eager to prove it to them? yes you will and this is one of the strongest reasons that motivates people to go into relationships. They just want to prove to themselves or to others that they can attract a certain person!!

Their subconscious minds connects their egos to this challenge and so they think that they love the person and then as soon as they reach their goal they no longer become attracted to him because they no longer need a proof and so they lose interest.

Losing interest in a relationship even if no one challenged you

I know that you might be saying that no one ever challenged you that way but in fact sometimes we challenge ourselves without even noticing!!

Self doubts and lack of self confidence become sometimes the primary reason that motivates someone to go into a relationship and they also become the same reason he loses interest in the relationship after reaching his goal.

A person might lose interest in a relationship because he never loved the one he was after but he just wanted to prove to himself that he is capable of attracting him.

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