Losing interest in a relationship

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Losing interest in a relationship

He fell in love with her at the first sight
He kept trying and trying until one day he made sure that she felt the same towards him
He couldn’t believe himself and felt so happy
Then few days later he lost his enthusiasm
He started to wonder if she was really the one he always dreamed to be with or not
And after thinking for one complete week, he told her

“Sorry, I guess we should just be friends”

Why did he lose interest in the relationship?

I am sure you have seen someone before who lost interest in a relationship few days after making sure that the other person loved him. This may seem very confusing especially when the person keeps doing his best in order to make the other one fall in love with him few days before before losing interest.

There is no single cause behind this phenomenon but the following lines will tell you about many possible reasons that could make someone lose interest in a relationship as soon as he knows that the other person loves him:

  • Losing interest and seeking approval: Some people fall in love thinking that the person they love is the one while in fact its just their unconscious desire to compensate for a past failure that made them love that person. Suppose that a guy were always dumped by blonds, in such a case, he might try to make a blond fall in love with him in order to prove to himself that he is worthy. The problem with that way of thinking is that as soon as the blond falls for him he might no longer feel that he needs her because he only wanted approval and not the person.
  • Devaluation and loss of interest: There is nothing as powerful as the programming that happens to the subconscious mind when it comes from close friends. If your friends started to convince you that you are better than her then most probably their advice will go directly into your subconscious mind and the result might be losing interest in her just because they programmed you
  • The Game: some people fall in love with others just because their subconscious minds likes the hunting game. These people will usually lose interest in a relationship as soon as they win the game then they will move on towards a bigger challenge.

Final words about losing interest in a relationship

What’s really disappointing is that in all of the above examples people think that they are really in love without realizing that there are other unconscious drives that are pushing them in that direction.

By getting more self understanding you will be able to protect yourself from getting involved into such unhealthy relationships and you will rarely lose interest in a relationship that fast.

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