Why do men cheat in relationships

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do men cheat in relationships

In my previous article “Why do people cheat in relationships” I explained how confusing the feelings you get when certain hormones are released in your body as a result of meeting someone who is attractive with the feelings of love can result in cheating. In this article I will explain how can a self image problem that a man developed in the past can result in making him a cheater.

Do you know that people who have self image problems have a higher tendency for cheating compared to those who are happy and satisfied with their looks?

Cheating in relationships and self image problems

if someone has a self image problem (not being sure of his looks) then he might develop an addiction to socializing in order to seek a proof that can help him know whether he is attractive or not.

The subconscious mind of the person will let become addicted to socializing because its the only way he can use to find evidence that he is attractive.

In my article “How to forget the past” I explained how the past unfinished business can motivate someone to keep doing the same thing he failed to do in the past over and over. Just as i said earlier a person may keep looking for new people to meet on intention in order to prove something to himself that he failed to prove in the past.

So what does that has to do with cheating???
If someone was still unsure of his looks he might seek approval from the other sex in order to convince himself that he is desirable. So a man might start a new relationship just to seek approval about his looks without even understanding that this is the main reason behind the feelings of attraction he is having towards that new person he just met.

Finish your past unfinished business

Of course not all people who have self image issues will cheat but those who doesn’t value honesty and openness are more likely to do it.

If you have a past unfinished business or an unresolved emotional issue form your past then make sure you deal with it quickly because it will keep impacting all the aspects of your life as long as its there.

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