Escaping from reality

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Escaping from reality

After their ship wrecked on one of the big islands in the Atlantic Ocean the passengers desperately tried to use smoke signals to attract the attention of other ships but nothing happened.

The experience was terrible, the bad feelings were unbearable and the idea of not being able to return home was a nightmare for everybody. John was one of the most affected people by the incident because he was still young and because he had lots of dreams before the accident.

John suggested that they move away from the shore and live their lives inside the island. Most of the people agreed and followed him to the center of the island where they started a new life.

As the time passed they started to deny that they are on an island and made it forbidden for anyone to explore the surrounding areas. Year after year the passengers started to become totally convinced that they are not on an island even though one day in their past they saw it themselves.

Do you escape from reality?

Every few month one of them rebelled against the rules and moved to the shore hoping to find salvation while the rest usually remained silent and thought of him as a mad person who is going after an impossible dream.

Sounds like a non realistic story right?
No, sadly we all do the same as those passengers did by denying the fact that there is a life better than the one we are living now. by claiming that life is unfair, that we are not lucky or that it's the best that we can do we are choosing the island instead of the real world.

Not only some of us decided to live in a small island and ignore the rest of the world but they even went a step further by denying the existence of the outer world and denying the fact that they are on an island. (see Lying to yourself).

“My life is just great and I am happy that way” says one of those who had lived on an island for most of his life.

No you are not happy and you know you are not satisfied with your life. You are just too afraid to confess that your goals were too big for you to reach and that you are currently living on an isolated island.

It needs a lot of courage to leave the island but the reward is worth it

If you are one of those who abandoned their dreams, created false realities and lived on an island then there is still a chance for you to reclaim them. It requires a lot of courage to admit that you are on an island but you once you do it you will be able to seek the way to the shore without any inner resistance.

The act of denying the fact that you had big dreams has lots of side effects and the most dangerous one of them is depression. Do you think your subconscious mind can leave you to live in a fake world without sending you some kind of a signal?

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression I explained how depression can be the result of giving up on your dreams and claiming that they were never there.

The choice is up to you, you can escape from reality and claim that you are not living on an island or you can decide to fight until you return back home where you can live there happily.

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