How to forget someone fast

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to forget someone fast

It takes me one week at most to forget about someone I used to love even if the relationship lasted for a long period of time. You might think that I am emotionally strong or that i am an exception but the truth is that I suffered for more than a year after my first breakup and then after reading about love’s psychology I developed some kind of immunity to breakups.

In my articles about breakups i will transfer that same immunity to you so that breakups won't affect you too.

Stop resetting the counter!!

How to forget someone you loved quickly? The key factor in forgetting about a person is not doing the right actions but its preventing yourself from doing the wrong actions.

Usually after any emotional wound that occurs our mind takes a certain time in order to heal the wound and forget about it unless this process is disrupted by incorrect actions.

If while trying to forget about someone new events kept happening that kept reminding you of the person then your recovery process will start from the beginning once again. (see Everything reminds me of him).

The reason millions of people don’t recover is that they reset their recovery process whenever they are about to forget about the person and so start all over once again!!

Some Practices can hinder recovery

In order to forget about someone fast you must prevent yourself from doing the following actions:

1)Daydreaming and thinking about him. Yes we can’t control our thoughts sometimes but we can at least limit them

2)Get rid of the gifts, pictures and memories instead of staring at them everyday

3)Remind yourself everyday that the relationship is over because unless your mind gets rid of hope it won’t be able to heal (see The anatomy of acceptance).

4)Stop going to the same places you used to go to together

5)Understand the true reasons that made you love him and you might find that it was loneliness, love addiction or even the need for compensation. In this case you need to fix your personal flaws to feel good instead of trying to get him back.

6)Understand that there is no such a thing as “The one” but there are lots of potential partners out there for each one of us.

7) Stop listening to sad music, watching romantic movies or anything that reminds you of the wound until you recover. (see The psychological effect of music).

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