Dealing with Love Addiction

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Dealing with Love Addiction, Step One

Love addiction can not only cause bad feelings after break-ups but it can also threaten the future and continuity of your current relations.

The first step in dealing with love addiction is knowing why we are addicted to love!! In order to be able to get rid of an addiction you should first get rid of the underlying reasons and causes behind it.

There are lots of reasons that could be behind your addiction to love, here are some examples:

  • Lack of self-confidence results in an intense need for approval and for the desire to meet someone who can make you feel worthy.
  • Unsolved problems that cause bad moods and mood swings can lead to love addiction. In such a case the person becomes in need for someone to make him feel better.
  • Being lonely or not having intimate relationships with your friends can make you a love addict
  • Rejection can result in love addiction. Many people fall in love just because they want to feel loved or approved

There are lots of other reasons too but i can't list them all because each person might be a love addict because of a different reason. Your first task for getting over love addiction is identifying the reason behind it.

Dealing with Love Addiction, Step Two

Suppose you discovered that your love addiction was a direct result of your lack of the ability to tolerate bad moods that result form your unsolved problems.

In such a case you should start to face your problems instead of rushing into relationships. You should break the bad habit of allowing problems to accumulate while you do nothing about them.

Whatever the reason you discovered the next action should be facing that reason and dealing with it. If it was a lack of self-confidence then fight to build your self-confidence, if it was loneliness then read about the causes of loneliness in order to deal with it and if it was rejection then find the reasons for these rejections then deal with them.

If you are serious about dealing with love addiction then you should decide to be courageous. You should decide that you won't run back into a relationship when your life becomes tough and you should also decide that you will start a war against all of these things that are making you dependent on someone else in order to survive.

Only then you will get rid of relationship addiction.

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