How to build courage and confidence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to build courage and confidence

Do you lack courage?
Do you think that if you were able to control your fears a little more you would have become more confident?
Do you think that you are coward?
Do you want to build self confidence?

All human beings experience fear at some points through their lives. While its completely OK to feel afraid during certain situations in your life still you must take serious actions to build courage if your fears were preventing you from reaching your goals.

Courage,fear and self confidence

Most people think that courage is the absence of fear and that's not true. All people experiences fear including the brave and the coward ones but it’s the way they handle their fears that either makes them appear brave or coward.

The Confident and brave continues moving on even if he felt afraid while the coward escapes whenever he feels afraid. both of them try to escape from their fears but the brave escape forward and the coward escapes backwards.

Fear is the emotion that tells you that you should stop here while courage is the emotion that tells you that you must keep going even if you are afraid.

Many of the confident people you see around you aren't people who are fearless but they are ones who learned how to conquer their fears and keep moving.

fear and false beliefs

Tom fears darkness because he believes that ghosts live there. Tom spent forty years of his life avoiding being alone in dark places and as a result he developed low self esteem.

One day his car ran out of fuel at a very dark place and so he had to stay there alone for the whole night until someone picked him up the next day.

But after staying there for one night tom found that he was fooled for forty years because he found nothing there!! Lack of self confidence and courage in many cases are rooted to false beliefs we have about the world. Once we confront those beliefs we can find our real courage.

Fear of Fear itself

What most people don't know is that sometimes we fear to experience the feeling of fear itself. Some people avoid their feared object for the sake of one thing which is avoiding the emotion of fear and not the object!!

One of the rules you must understand about fear and courage is that the more you run from a certain fear the more will that fear grow. The fastest way to become confident and end your fears is to face it.

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