I want to be confident

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I want to be confident

So you tried everything...
you set goals and worked hard until you achieved them
You developed new skills and mastered them
You read tons of articles, books and applied them
but you still don't feel self confident

I know you have done a great job and that you did big effort but you forgot the most important thing along the way, convincing yourself that you are worthy even if some people believe otherwise.

Why you are not confident

Lots of people spend great effort settings goals and achieving them in order to do one thing, gain social acceptance and make others believe that they are worthy.

While in fact, the only thing that can help a person become self confident is convincing himself that he is worthy and not convincing others simply because:

  • We filter information: IF you believed that you are not worthy then you will filter all inputs that doesn't match your beliefs, for example you would give no weight to a compliment or even claim that the person who said it was just being nice
  • We get what we focus on: Not only you will filter information that doesn't match your beliefs but you will also collect the ones that matches your beliefs, if you believed that you are worthless then you will only remember the bad treatment you got and the people who ignored or disrespected you !!
  • The subconscious mind needs to believe: You can never become self confident before your subconscious mind believes that you are really worthy else you will always feel worthless without understanding why

Stop focusing on other people and focus on yourself!!

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that most people try to build self confidence the wrong way by trying to convince the whole world that they are worthy instead of convincing themselves.

Even if they managed to convince all the people they know that they are worthy still they would have to repeat the same task over and over whenever they meet a new person!!

and how would they feel like during the process? they will be feeling worthless unless otherwise proven

and what if some people didn't believe them?? they will feel worthless !!

Self confidence is all about knowing that you are worthy then considering those who believe otherwise to be people who lack the ability to judge others, because if they knew how to judge people they would have seen the real you.

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