How to have self confidence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to have self confidence

Getting rid of the things that you dislike about yourself, learning new skills and writing down your points of strength are all practices that can help in building self confidence, however, confident people seem to be doing something more than these actions in order to feel confident.

In this article i will take you for a journey inside the mind of the confident person so that you learn how to think like him, After all, self confidence is nothing more than a set of beliefs and if you managed to duplicate these beliefs then you will have a solid self confidence.

How a confident person thinks?

  • Confident people think that they are unique: A confident person doesn't only believe that he is worthy but he thinks that he is unique and special. Even though most confident people wouldn't have done something extraordinary still you will find them believing that they posses unique traits that no one else posses.
  • They believe that they are resourceful: Confident people usually believe that they have the required skills to face the life problems that they encounter and even if they lack certain skills they believe in their abilities to learn those skills whenever they need them
  • They don't put a high weight to rejections: In the Solid Self confidence program i explained that confident people get rejected just like anyone else but rejections never harm their self confidence because they don't give them a high weight
  • Their rating system is internal: Confident people know their points of strength very well and discard any comment that doesn't match their beliefs about themselves. People who lack confidence collect evidence from the outside world to prove themselves worthy and they feel bad if someone judged them in a bad way simply because they believe him!!
  • They Praise themselves all the time: No i am not talking about affirmations that are based on lies but instead i am talking about praise that is based on real facts. If you borrowed the mind of a confident person for a while you will discover that he praises himself a lot and that boosts his self esteem

Confident people have more positive thoughts than negative ones

Do you know how confident people became the way they are?
Their current beliefs are the result of the millions of positive thoughts that came to their minds as they kept progressing through life.

Yes confident people do get negative thoughts every now and then but the total number of positive thoughts they get outnumber by far the number of negative ones they get.

Positive thinking isn't easy but you need to work on developing it the same way you work on developing a new good habit. It will take some time but in the end you will be able to do it.

How to have real self confidence

Just as i said, self confidence is all about a set of beliefs that the person has about himself. If you managed to modify your way of thinking and your existing beliefs you will have a real solid self confidence.

Practice the tips given above until they become your normal way of thinking, once you do that your self confidence will keep increasing as the time passes.

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