How to become more confident in yourself. Learn how to build self confidence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to become more confident in yourself

Each and every situation you face can be interpreted in different ways depending upon the beliefs you have about yourself. This interpretation can either result in making you more confident or can either deteriorate your self confidence.

Contrary to common beliefs there are no instant solutions for becoming self confident but it’s the accumulation of different experiences that shapes the ideas you have about yourself.

In order to become more confident in yourself you need to know how to experience life events correctly in order to become more confident as you progress through them, in this article I will show you how to do it.

How the interpretation of situations affects your self confidence

I want you to examine the following situations closely and read the two different interpretations that different people can make upon facing them:

Situation one: Someone passing beside you without looking at you and without saying hi.
Interpretation one: He doesn’t want to say hi, he thinks I am worthless or not that good
Interpretation two: He didn’t see me, he was thinking of a big problem he is facing

Situation two: someone smiling while looking at you and whispering to his friend.
Interpretation one: They are making fun of me
Interpretation two: They like my shirt or I look like one of their friends

Situation three: Someone shaking hands while frowning
Interpretation one: He is unhappy to see me
Interpretation two: He had a real bad day. Or he might be jealous

All of us face similar situations in life but the difference between confident people and those who lack self confidence is the interpretation of these situations!!

How to become more confident

In order to become more confident in yourself you must first understand that the interpretation you give to each situation is based on only one thing, The beliefs you have about yourself.

If one day you looked at the mirror before going down and said “wow I look good today” then most likely all the interpretations you will make on that day will be positively biased and vise versa.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that the situations that happen to you aren’t in fact what affects your self confidence but its rather the beliefs you have about yourself before encountering them!!

If you have false beliefs about yourself then you will wait for the first clue to prove that you are not worthy then claim that your beliefs are true. Unfortunately life is full of people who have bad days (and so will frown while saying hi) and people who were focusing on other things (and so will never see you).

In order to become more confident you must realize that your interpretations are totally incorrect and are biased towards the false beliefs you have about yourself.

Self confidence comes from within

If you want to become really confident then you must learn how to spot your biased interpretations and fix them.

I know that a part of you believes that you are really not worthy but did you ever ask yourself where did you acquire that belief from? Most probably you will find that you acquired it as a child as a result of the abusive treatment you got from others or as a result of a bad past experience that can never by any means repeat itself in your future. (see My past is haunting ).

You will become truly self confident in your self when you challenge these irrational beliefs and remove the negative bias in your mind that forces you to prove them true.

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