How to feel confident about yourself

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to feel confident about yourself

Contrary to common beliefs there is no one quick method for building self confidence but instead there are many different aspects of your life that will make you feel more confident about yourself if you dealt with them correctly.

In each new self confidence article i write i address a completely different aspect of self confidence so that you can put them all together and feel confident about yourself.

In this article i will discuss one of the very important factors in building self confidence which is "The significant others".

Self confidence and the significant others

Why do you feel really bad when a certain person criticizes you while you feel nothing when a different person does the same?

We do assign different priorities to the people we meet in our lives and thus criticism from an important person will have a much higher weight than criticism from an ordinary person.

People feel self confident when they find themselves accepted and loved by the "significant others" or the ones they care for.

That's why a popular person or even a celebrity could have a very low self confidence if he believed that the wrong people like him.

I have spoken with an amazingly beautiful friend once and i was shocked to know that she lacks self confidence because she thinks that only below average people like her!!

This was a clear demonstration of the "significant others" theory, after all making lots of fans could not add anything to your self confidence if you didn't consider those fans important.

What determines the important others?

In order to feel confident about yourself you must first know who are your significant others and why do you think those people are important.

Here is a quick list of possible sources for the significant others:

  • Reflection of your past: If you failed to get along with certain type of people in your past then most probably those people will become your "significant others" when you grow up. This is similar to the past unfinished business i talked about before where a person tries to succeed in whatever he failed to do in the past
  • Parents: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that in early childhood the most authoritative people we meet are our parents and that's why we tend to believe anything that they tell us. Sadly if our parents were abusive or if they taught us that we are unworthy then we will lack self confidence as grown ups.
  • Those who have what you lack: If you want to become popular then most probably a comment from a popular person will carry heavier weight than a comment from other people. The same goes for people who have more money, fame, beauty....etc

Feeling confident about yourself with disregard to others

The only way to break free from the judgment of others is to learn how to feel worthy with disregard their opinion.

Self confidence is all about knowing that you are worthy, unique and special. If you managed to convince your subconscious mind to believe in these facts you will then become confident and you won't need someone else to evaluate you.

After all we tend to ask others to evaluate us if we are not really sure of ourselves, if we were 100% sure of ourselves then we won't have to ask others to tell us who we are.

Self confidence can be built by making certain achievements that forces your subconscious mind to believe that you are worthy, once your subconscious mind builds this belief you will find that you are no more dependent on the opinion of other people.

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