How to feel self confident

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to feel self confident

In all of the self confidence articles i wrote before i was focusing on telling people how to get rid of the reasons that prevents them from feeling confident like shyness, anxiety, fears, self doubts and inferiority.

Getting rid of such issues will surely make you feel more confident but its only one step in the process of building self confidence. In this article i will cover step two for building self confidence which is feeling special and unique.

How Confident people think

When i examined the minds of confident people i found that they always think positively of themselves and that they keep telling themselves that they are great and special all the time.

Don't confuse these statements with affirmations, while affirmations are lies that the subconscious mind can never believe these statements are positive words that reflect how those people truly feel about themselves.

Those statements make those people feel even more confident. In the Solid Self confidence program i showed how research has proven that a confident person will feel more confident if he kept telling himself that he is confident and a less confident person will feel worse on repeating the same words.

Those confident people really believe in the statements they repeat and that's why these statements help them feel more confident.

How to become confident ?

If you want to feel self confident then you must think like confident people. You must think positively of yourself and believe that you are special and unique.

But the question is, if the subconscious mind doesn't believe in lies and if you won't feel confident before you feel special then how can you become confident then?

First you have to set some goals that make you feel a little special when reaching them. Right after you achieve them you can then start reminding yourself that you are special and amazing. This will increase your self confidence even more and you will be able to set higher goals and achieve them.

Keep going on with this cycle and you will have great confidence in yourself.

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