How to be confident in yourself

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to be confident in yourself

Everyday millions of people return to their homes feeling bad because of thinking that they were not accepted by others. Self confidence is all about not being obsessed with what others will think of you when you are accompanying them.

Lack of confidence on the other hand results in these obsessions you get when you are not sure of your performance. Did they like me? did i say something stupid? was i well dressed today?

Most people who have a low self confidence are unaware of one of the most important facts in social interactions which is that people judge you based on the message you deliver to them about your own importance. People don't just judge you out of the blue but its your actions that shape their judgments. Read this article in order to know how to be confident in yourself.

You tell people who you are and then they judge you

If you want to be more confident around people then you must understand that the first impression they form of you is heavily dependent on the way you talk, walk and interact with them. Its your attitude and your performance that shapes their judgments and lets them form a picture of who you are.

if this sounds weird then knowing the following few facts about the mind's operation will prove it to you:

  • The mind is highly receptive to suggestions: In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how the mind is extremely receptive to suggestions and that you can make people believe you by sending the right messages to them. A research has even proved that your memory of an event can be changed if powerful suggestions were given. Some people were convinced that they became ill earlier in their lives right after eating certain food and then they were found to avoid that type of food even though it was a lie!! In short suggestions are extremely powerful and people will believe them as long as they have no opposing beliefs. (see Subconscious mind programming)
  • Leaders become leaders because they speak more: Another research has proven that people tend to follow those who speak more because of believing that they know more. This means that the person who speaks more will appear to be the leader of the pack even if he is not qualified. This is another fact that proves that suggestions can affect the way people perceive you

So what does this has to do with becoming self confident? Most probably you are not confident because you are not sure of the opinion people have about you but after knowing that their opinion is based on nothing but your own suggestions you should now be aware that the impression they form of you is your responsibility.

To to be confident in yourself

Speak loudly, have a clear tone of voice, stand upright, look people straight into their eyes, be assertive ,stick to the body language of confidence and then everyone will believe that you are confident.

On the other hand if you were shaky, your voice was low, your posture weren't straight and you were anxious you will deliver the incorrect message and people will think that you are not confident.

Being confident, appearing to be confident and leaving the impression that you want is all about what you do and not what other people think of you because their judgment is nothing more than a reflection of your performance.

People believe in TV ads because they keep sending them the right suggestions all the time and the same will happen to the people you deal with if you sent them the right suggestions too.

Tell them that you are confident (by actions not by words) and they will believe you.

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