Feeling anxious around people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Lacking confidence around strangers

Do you sometimes find yourself feeling anxious around people?
Do you sometimes manage to talk confidently to some people while in other times anxiety prevents you from choosing the right words to say?

If your answers were yes then read this article to know the reasons behind this kind of anxiety.

Feeling anxious around people

The only reason a person feels anxious when he talks to strangers are the obsessive thoughts that fills his mind while being with those strangers.

Self confidence is a state of mind where no obsessive thoughts or self doubts fill your head.

If for example you were concerned about your looks while talking to someone then you are more likely to feel anxious around him than if you weren’t obsessed with your looks.

That’s why some people only feel anxious around beautiful people. In my article fear of pretty women I explained how those who have self image problems always feel afraid when they encounter someone who is prettier than them. (see also Fear of people looking at me).

Don't underestimate the effect of such a problem even if it appeared to be a tiny one. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression can be the result of ignoring problems instead of solving them. Make sure you deal with such problems as soon as you encounter them else your are at the risk of depression.

Self confidence and the clear mind

What are the negative thoughts that fills the mind of a person who lacks self confidence when he encounters strangers?

These thoughts might be fear of being judged, believing that he is inferior to them,thinking that he is ugly or believing that he is boring.

The more negative thoughts that occupy your mind when talking to strangers the less likely you will find the right words to say and the more likely you will strengthen your obsessive thoughts.

These obsessive thoughts are not related to being a positive thinker or a negative thinker but they stem from deeply rooted false beliefs that you have about yourself. Whenever you encounter someone these thoughts will start repeating themselves in your mind over and over until they completely paralyze you and make you anxious.

The only way to become confident around strangers is to examine these deeply rooted beliefs and work on changing them as they are the main source of such obsessions.

If for example your main problem was your poor self image then fixing your self image and dealing with the false beliefs you have about your looks will help you have a clear mind the next time you encounter a stranger.

Getting rid of such false beliefs

The process of eliminating a false belief takes time but works like magic when completed. You need to keep challenging that false belief by asking questions such as 1) where did that belief come from 2) what evidence do i have to support that belief 3) who said that these evidence were collected properly?

Whenever you challenge a belief it will weaken a bit until one day it will become too weak to persist in your mind. Once you get rid of such beliefs you will have a clear mind and your self confidence will get a boost.

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