Fear of people looking at me

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Fear of people looking at me

Its pretty normal to fear the unknown if you are a human being but what is not normal is to have intense fear of strangers who look at you to the extent that you can’t act normally in front of them.

Fear of people might be the result of poor past experiences, social anxiety, lack of self confidence or even believing that you are less worthy than them.

Do you fear humans?

I have to admit that before I studied psychology I used to fear some people especially authority figures and famous ones.

The main reason I had this fear was the importance those people were given by everyone to the extent that they seemed omnipotent and invulnerable. After all if they are invulnerable while we are then why not fear them?

When I studied psychology I discovered that even if you are the most powerful and famous man in the world you are still a human who have lots of flaws.

All of us without exceptions have weaknesses, flaws and fears but the way others perceive our flaws differs according to the success we achieve in life. You might perceive a famous celebrity as a man who have no problems in life but as soon as you get close to him and know his real feelings you will discover that you shouldn't have feared him at all.

That’s why we might believe that very successful and famous people are above the human vulnerabilities and that’s why we sometimes fear them.

Omnipotent or human with flaws?

Whether you met a poor man, a famous celebrity or the president of a powerful country know that you are not talking to an omnipotent person but to a human who has flaws.

Based on the number of messages I get from people asking for help I can assure you that there are successful, attractive and rich people out there who have inner conflicts that a poor man would never have.

The media have marketed certain jobs and positions to us and positioned them in our minds so that we started to perceive anyone in these positions as an invulnerable man who should be feared.

In short those people who appear to have super powers are no more than normal humans with flaws and you don't have any valid reason to fear them.

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