Fear of pretty women

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Feeling inferior to pretty women

Josh is an ordinary person who doesn’t believe that he has any self confidence issues except when it comes to dealing with pretty women. Josh usually acts with confidence with strangers except with pretty woman who make him feel inferior and inadequate.

Usually feeling inferior to pretty women stems from a poor self image or from past failures in dealing with them.

Because josh is unsure of his looks he believes that pretty women are going to judge him and that they might think that he is ugly and that’s why he feels anxious around them.

Its all about the beliefs

Few days Ago I was with my best friend Aly and we were talking about the movie transformers. I told Aly “ I believe that guy who appeared with Megan fox is going to be pretty famous among women”

I was thinking of social proof theory while saying so which states that people tend to accept something if the crowed accepted it. If a women found that all other women like a certain guy then she will certainly find him more attractive even if that’s wasn’t her initial opinion.(see How to become more attractive)

"There are lots of pretty women out there but very few successful guys, you always see a successful guy surrounded by many pretty women which means that the successful guy is the one who is scarce and the beautiful women are the ones who are more available" Said Aly.

Personally I was shocked by Aly’s reply because his answer included some basic beliefs that could make any guy stop fearing beautiful women!!

Fear of pretty women

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that you fear a pretty women when you think that she is better than you. Most probably this happens because of comparing yourself to her based on only one thing which is the looks. If you included your whole package and her whole package then you might end up being a winner even if she was really pretty.

Of course I am not saying that anyone in the world would win the comparison without doing any effort. According to Aly “Special guys are surrounded by many beautiful women” So you must be special first and then you won’t find any problem in dealing with beautiful women, even Megan fox herself.

Aly was right, i never saw a pretty women surrounded by successful guys but i only saw it the other way around.

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