Fear of being judged by others

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Fear of being judged by others

At the root of social anxiety lies the fear of being judged by others. In most cases the main reason that makes someone anxious around strangers is the fear of being judged and evaluated by them.

In my previous articles about self confidence I said that self confidence is the lack of obsession about ones weak points and negative aspects, when a person cares about what others think of him he consumes a big part of a his brain's resources in analyzing everything that happens around him and so finds himself anxious around others.

This anxiety leads to poor performance and thus feeds the fears and lets them grow even more the next time the person encounters strangers or authority figures. In this article I will tell you how to get over the fear of being judged by others.

You can easily change people’s judgment

Two cards were brought In front of some participants; the first one had one vertical line drawn on it while the second one had three vertical lines, Only one of the lines on the second card was similar in length to the line on the first card while the second and third lines were of significantly different lengths.

People who were already part of the game were asked to give incorrect answers when asked which one of the three lines on the second card is similar in length to the one on the first card. After the real participants saw most people answering the question incorrectly most of them answered it incorrectly too!!!

In short this experiment proved that people can make a wrong choice just because the majority had chosen it.

So what does this experiment has to do with the fear of being judged by others?
In simple words, people’s judgments are fragile and can easily be shaped based on the inputs they collect through their senses. If you managed to send them a strong message that states that you are nice and confident they will believe you even if they thought otherwise in the beginning.

Let me tell you who I am

Instead of being obsessed about being judged by others focus on sending messages that forces people to judge you the way you want. Stick to a confident posture, assertive tone and keep a smile on your face when you greet people and you will find them judging your positively.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that if you became obsessed about being judged by others you won’t perform well and people might then judge you negatively while if you focused on your performance people will be forced to judge you in a good way (at least most of them)

Before you encounter strangers, authority figures or important people don’t tell yourself "now I will know how they see me" but instead tell yourself "let me tell them who I am"

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