How to overcome fear of approaching women

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to overcome fear of approaching women

Even though this article is called how to overcome fear of approaching women still the concepts and the methods I am going to talk about are all applicable to both men and women.

I am sure you faced a situation where you wanted to approach someone or a group of people then felt anxious or afraid. In this article I will explain in details the main reasons that prevent people from approaching others confidently and I will tell you how to overcome the fear of approaching both men and women.

Why do people fear to approach others?

We all dislike rejection and even the most confident people around prefer to be accepted and not rejected however people who fear rejection the most are the ones who already feel that there is something wrong about themselves.

When a person is unsure of himself a rejection reminds him of his wound and he feels really bad after it. In the Solid Self confidence program I pointed put how a person who lacks self confidence makes biased judgments that supports his false beliefs about himself.

A research has even showed that people with social anxiety interpret neutral facial expressions negatively and so reinforce the negative ideas they have about themselves.

The main reason a man might be afraid to approach a woman is that he is afraid to get rejected and the reason he fears rejection is that it reminds him of the fact that he is not sure of himself!!

Confident people aren’t that fair too when it comes to judging others, they also make judgments that are biased towards their beliefs about themselves but since their beliefs about themselves are positive they never find a problem in being rejected.

Steps required to defeat the fear of approaching women and people in general

So what are the exact steps required that can help a person get rid of fear of approaching women? Here you are:

  • Fix your beliefs about yourself: As long as you are not sure of who you are you will be heavily dependent on the judgments of others and since your judgments are going to be biased you will find tens of disappointing clues everyday
  • Master the art of starting a conversation: No one Is born confident but we do become confident at doing something when we do it successfully many times. People who fear to approach women usually have limited skills when it comes to initiating a conversation. If you managed to improve your skills then apply them few times correctly and your fears will disappear.
  • Keep an eye on the way you judge things: If someone didn’t say hi then you shouldn’t assume that he disliked you but instead you must find another logical excuse for his actions (like not seeing you). Don’t cheat but just prevent biased judgments from happening and you won’t strengthen your false beliefs

In short overcoming the fear of approaching women is all about learning the necessary skills and fixing your beliefs so that you become more tolerant to rejection.

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